0.08 2018-07-24
-debug: add bail_outs to some tests failing on openbsd
-docs: add warning about precedence of overloaded bitshift ops
-new feature: lazy connection
-new feature: Ion::Conn->copy
-behavior: Ion classes now use Class::Slot

0.06 2017-12-22
-bugfix: correctly update peer host/port on newly a connected Ion::Conn
-docs: fixed missing documentation for Ion::Conn methods host, port
-cpanfile: add 'parent' for kwalitee
-new feature: Connect also accepts single Coro::Handle argument

0.05 2017-12-01
-new feature: << and >> overloaded to add routines to process incoming and
 outgoing messages (along with assignment operator counterparts)
-switched to vanilla perl classes rather than Moo to reduce dependencies

0.04 2017-11-29
-new method Ion::Server->join
-new function, Service, replaces service handler in Listen

0.03 2017-11-29
-bugfix: Listen fails to process port, host parameters correctly when no
 service handler is specified
-bugfix: port and host parameters ignored due to change in method call syntax
-bugfix: Connect prototype should specify parameters as optional

0.02 2017-11-28
-bugfix: croak on connection failure
-bugfix: warnings emitted during global shutdown

0.01 2017-11-28
-Initial release