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=head1 NAME

Module::Generic::Iterator::Element - An Array Iterator Element Object Class


    my $i = Module::Generic::Iterator->new( [qw( Joe John Mary )] );
    # or also:
    my $a = Module::Generic::Array->new( [qw( Joe John Mary )] );
    my $i = $a->iterator;
    while( $i->has_next )
        my $elem = $i->next;
        my $value = $elem->value;
        # Get the next element relative to our element
        printf( "Next value is: %s at offset %d\n", $elem->next, $elem->next->pos  );

=head1 VERSION



This is an object class for L<Module::Generic::Iterator::Element> objects as returned by various methods of L<Module::Generic::Iterator>.

=head1 METHODS

=head2 new

Provided with an array value (whatever that may be) and an optional hash reference of parameters, and this will create a new iterator and return it.

Typical parameters are:

=over 4

=item I<parent>

This is the L<Module::Generic::Iterator> object and it is required.


=head2 has_next

Returns true if there is another item after the current one.

=head2 has_prev

Returns true if there is another item before the current one.

=head2 next

Returns the next L<Module::Generic::Iterator::Element> object relative to this object or undef if there are no more element.

=head2 parent

Sets or gets a L<Module::Generic::Iterator> object as the parent object for this array element.

=head2 pos

Returns the position of the object inside the parent array. This is read-only and returns an integer.

=head2 prev

Returns the previous L<Module::Generic::Iterator::Element> object relative to this object or undef if there are no more previous element.

=head2 value

Return the value of the L<Module::Generic::Iterator::Element> object, whatever that may be.


=for Pod::Coverage FREEZE

=for Pod::Coverage STORABLE_freeze

=for Pod::Coverage STORABLE_thaw

=for Pod::Coverage THAW

=for Pod::Coverage TO_JSON

Serialisation by L<CBOR|CBOR::XS>, L<Sereal> and L<Storable::Improved> (or the legacy L<Storable>) is supported by this package. To that effect, the following subroutines are implemented: C<FREEZE>, C<THAW>, C<STORABLE_freeze> and C<STORABLE_thaw>

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<Module::Generic::Iterator::Element>, L<Module::Generic::Array>

=head1 AUTHOR

Jacques Deguest E<lt>F<jack@deguest.jp>E<gt>


Copyright (c) 2000-2020 DEGUEST Pte. Ltd.

You can use, copy, modify and redistribute this package and associated
files under the same terms as Perl itself.