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=head1 NAME

Module::Generic::Tie - Object Access Control Class


    my $o = My::Object->new;
    tie( $o, 'Module::Generic::Tie', readonly => 1, perms => 4 );
    # Attempting to change the debug level directly
    $o->{debug} = 1;
    # This fails, because the object is set with read only permision
    # but this below will succeed
    $o->debug( 1 );

=head1 VERSION



Given an object, and a set of parameters, this will restrict direct access to the object values, ensuring the object properties can only be modified from within the class/package if necessary.

This is used in L<Module::Generic/"new"> using your module global variable C<OBJECT_PERMS> which should contain a unix permission which is a number from 1 to 7 representing a combinatin of 1 for execution, 2 for write privilege and 4 for read privilege

=head1 METHODS

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=head1 AUTHOR

Jacques Deguest E<lt>F<jack@deguest.jp>E<gt>


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