=encoding utf-8

=head1 NAME

Module::Generic::SemStat - Shared Memory Manipulation


    semctl( $id, 0, IPC_STAT, $data ) || die( "$!\n" );
    my @values = unpack( $data );
    my $semstat => Module::Generic::SemStat->new( @values );
    my $cgid = $semstat->cgid;
    my $ctime = $semstat->ctime;
    my $cuid = $semstat->cuid;
    my $gid = $semstat->gid;
    my $mode = $semstat->mode;
    my $nsems = $semstat->nsems;
    my $otime = $semstat->otime;
    my $uid = $semstat->uid;

=head1 VERSION



L<Module::Generic::SemStat> provides an object oriented way to access semaphore stat information after being populated during object instantiation.

=head1 METHODS

=head2 new

Creates a new L<Module::Generic::SemStat> object and return it.

=head2 cgid

Effective GID of creator

=head2 ctime

Last semop time

=head2 cuid

Effective UID of creator

=head2 gid

Effective UID of owner

=head2 mode


=head2 nsems

No. of semaphores in set

=head2 otime

Last semop time

=head2 uid

Effective UID of owner

=head1 AUTHOR

Jacques Deguest E<lt>F<jack@deguest.jp>E<gt>

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<Module::Generic>, L<Module::Generic::SharedMem>

L<perlipc>, L<perlmod>, L<IPC::Shareable>


Copyright (c) 2021 DEGUEST Pte. Ltd.

You can use, copy, modify and redistribute this package and associated
files under the same terms as Perl itself.