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=head1 NAME

Module::Generic::Iterator - An Array Iterator Object Class


    my $i = Module::Generic::Iterator->new( [qw( Joe John Mary )] );
    # or also:
    my $a = Module::Generic::Array->new( [qw( Joe John Mary )] );
    my $i = $a->iterator;
    while( $i->has_next )
        my $elem = $i->next;
        my $value = $elem->value;
        # Get the next element relative to our element
        printf( "Next value is: %s at offset %d\n", $elem->next, $elem->next->pos  );

=head1 VERSION



This provides an object oriented array iterator. Each of its elements are L<Module::Generic::Iterator::Element> object

=head1 METHODS

=head2 new

Provided with an array reference or an L<Module::Generic::Array> object, and this will create a new iterator and return it.

=head2 elements

Contains the array elements

=head2 eof

Returns true if the position in the iterator has reached the end of the array.

=head2 find

Creates a clone of the current array object and returns it.Provided wit an array element and this returns its position in the array starting at 0.

If nothing was found, this returns undef.

=head2 first

Returns the first element of the array.

=head2 has_next

Returns true if there is another item after the current one.

=head2 has_prev

Returns true if there is another item before the current one.

=head2 last

Returns the last element of the array.

=head2 length

Returns the size of the array, starting from 1, as a L<Module::Generic::Number> object.

=head2 next

Returns the next L<Module::Generic::Iterator::Element> object or undef if there are no more element.

=head2 pos

Sets or returns the current position in the array.

This is an lvalue method.

    $e->pos = 10; # Sets the current position to 10
    my $pos = $e->pos; # Returns the current position

=head2 prev

Returns the previous L<Module::Generic::Iterator::Element> object or undef if there are no more previous element.

=head2 reset

Reset the position inside the array and sets it to 0.

=head2 _find_pos

Provided with an item, this returns its position in the array or undef if it is not in the array.


=for Pod::Coverage FREEZE

=for Pod::Coverage STORABLE_freeze

=for Pod::Coverage STORABLE_thaw

=for Pod::Coverage THAW

=for Pod::Coverage TO_JSON

Serialisation by L<CBOR|CBOR::XS>, L<Sereal> and L<Storable::Improved> (or the legacy L<Storable>) is supported by this package. To that effect, the following subroutines are implemented: C<FREEZE>, C<THAW>, C<STORABLE_freeze> and C<STORABLE_thaw>

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<Module::Generic::Iterator::Element>, L<Module::Generic::Array>

=head1 AUTHOR

Jacques Deguest E<lt>F<jack@deguest.jp>E<gt>


Copyright (c) 2000-2020 DEGUEST Pte. Ltd.

You can use, copy, modify and redistribute this package and associated
files under the same terms as Perl itself.