Revision history for Perl module Module::Generic

v0.29.5 2023-02-25T13:51:43+0900
    - Minor improvement in Module::Generic::File in unload_json()

v0.29.4 2023-01-11T06:39:03+0900
    - Minor improvement in Module::Generic::Exception
    - Minor improvement in baseinfo()

v0.29.3 2022-12-18T13:03:04+0900
    - Correcting unit test for Module::Generic::Number

v0.29.2 2022-12-11T14:00:48+0900
    - Correcting oversight when dealing with undefined, but necessary property values in Module::Generic::Number

v0.29.1 2022-12-09T19:30:04+0900
    - Improvement of method _set_get_hash_as_mix_object in Module::Generic

v0.29.0 2022-12-07T11:51:47+0900
    - Mitigation around the use of Scalar::Util::reftype that returns undef for false, which in turn yields a perl warning of 'uninitialized value' when used in string comparison such as: Scalar::Util::reftype( $this ) eq 'ARRAY'
    - Corrected resolve() in Module::Generic::File to default $max_recursion to 0 if undefined.
    - Improved a bit Module::Generic::Number by caching number regular expression
    - Improved Module::Generic::SharedMem and Module::Generic::SharedMemXS
    - New method new_version() and _set_get_version in Module::Generic
    - Corrected a missing requirement in method _set_get_array_as_object() in Module::Generic
    - Updated how one can end a loop in for() and foreach() in Module::Generic::Array
    - Added missing method is_decimal in Module::Generic::Number
    - Reworked parts of Module::Generic::Number and integrating some codes from Number::Format
    - Removed dependency on Number::Format
    - Updated clone() in Module::Generic to deal with cases when called as a class function: MyClass->clone()
    - Added is_empty method to Module::Generic::Number
    - Updated _set_get_number() in Module::Generic to take n hash of options instead of field name and accept undef value
    - Improved error reporting upon object instantiation in Module::Generic::Number

v0.28.5 2022-10-30T19:51:48+0900
    - Minor correction in Module::Generic::Array
    - Added methods finddepth, flock and readdir to Module::Generic::File
    - Added rmtree as exportable function in Module::Generic::File
    - Added the option to fdopen a file descriptor in constructor new() in Module::Generic::File::IO
    - Added the exportable function wraphandle in Module::Generic::File::IO
    - Minor correction to AUTOLOAD
    - Improvement for method length() in Module::Generic::Scalar when the underlying scalar is undef
    - Improved _datetime in Module::Generic::Finfo
    - Improved methods _parse_datetime() and _set_get_datetime() in Module::Generic
    - Improved methods op() and op_minus_plus() in Module::Generic::DateTime
    - Added 'lock' parameter to method unload in Module::Generic::File
    - Improved 'auto_remove' property during init
    - Improvement of documentation in Module::Generic::DateTime, Module::Generic::File::IO and Module::Generic::File::Mmap
    - Minor improvements to Module::Generic::SharedMem

v0.28.4 2022-09-27T18:38:27+0900
    - Added method can_exec() in Module::Generic::File
    - Improved method remove() in Module::Generic::File::Cache
    - Improved Module::Generic::Array with cleanup upon object destruction
    - Improved unload_json() in Module::Generic::File to allow any JSON supported options.
    - Added methods load_perl() and unload_perl() in Module::Generic::File

v0.28.3 2022-09-25T17:03:10+0900
    - Added method unchomp to Module::Generic::Array
    - Better sanity check on the file cache directory in method 'open' in module Module::Generic::File::Cache
    - Added method close as an alias to 'remove' in Module::Generic::SharedMemXS
    - Added the tmpdir() parameter for new() and related method in Module::Generic::File::Cache
    - Improved method remove() in Module::Generic::File::Cache to remove the cache directory if it is empty.
    - Improved the method is_empty() in Module::Generic::File

v0.28.2 2022-09-18T21:18:30+0900
    - Corrected missing module in _parse_timestamp and parameters to DateTime::Format::Strptime

v0.28.1 2022-08-30T06:16:26+0900
    - Corrected missing POSIX module use (#4 thanks to Nicholas R.)

v0.28.0 2022-08-29T17:13:47+0900
    - Added support in serialise() and deserialise() for CBOR::Free
    - Improved support check in Module::Generic::SharedMem
    - Improved unit tests

v0.27.2 2022-08-07T17:36:42+0900
    - Corrected deserialiser(9 in Module::Generic, which wrongly was requiring Crypt::Misc (a leftover from previous modifications made).

v0.27.1 2022-08-05T07:38:11+0900
    - Correcting a debugging leftover in test unit.
    - Updating modules FREEZE method reflecting the latest documented change of Sereal::Encoder
    - Added support for JSON in methods serialise and deserialise in Module::Generic

v0.27.0 2022-08-01T12:12:43+0900
    - Added missing reset() method in Module::Generic::File::Mmap
    - Improved write method in Module::Generic::File::Cache, Module::Generic::File::Mmap and Module::Generic::SharedMem
    - Added alias method is_directory in Module::Generic::File
    - Added options crypt_base64 and base64 to methods serialise and deserialise in Module::Generic
    - Added the module Module::Generic::SharedMemXS

v0.26.0 2022-07-28T11:47:10+0900
    - Correcting mistake in test unit 17.serialise_storable.t, 18.serialise_sereal.t and 19.serialise_cbor.t
    - Implemented new module Module::Generic::File::Mmap using Cache::FastMmap
    - Updated documentation for Module::Generic::File::Cache and Module::Generic::SharedMem

v0.25.0 2022-07-18T00:44:48+0900
    - Implemented support for CBOR, Sereal and Storable with STORABLE_freeze and STORABLE_thaw in all modules
    - Changed serialise() and deserialise() to now use Storable::Improved instead of Storable, as Storable poorly handles GLOB objects and XS objects and ignores the return value from STORABLE_thaw().
    - Change dependency from Storable to Storable::Improved for better support for GLOB and XS modules objects
    - Added support for CBOR and Sereal when serialising shared data

v0.24.3 2022-07-15T15:07:18+0900
    - Improved checking shared memory support

v0.24.2 2022-06-28T14:12:48+0900
    - Corrected a missing condition in_set_get_code to return a dummy anonymous sub in object context

v0.24.1 2022-06-24T07:36:36+0900
    - Added the extensions method in Module::Generic::File
    - Improved _set_get_code method in Module::Generic
    - Improved pass_error to throw an error when fatal is enabled
    - Improved _is_integer in Module::Generic

v0.24.0 2022-04-28T06:55:11+0900
    - Corrected minor bug in _filehandle_method() in Module::Generic::File
    - Implemented mitigation for URI module who removes any leading and/or trailing space in the path
    - Made substantial improvements to glob() in Module::Generic::File
    - Added value_name and value_data in Module::Generic::HeaderValue
    - Spun off the package Module::Generic::Scalar::IO into its own file and heavily modified it, getting rid of IO::Scalar
    - Optimised Module::Generic to remove unnecessary modules and only load them when required
    - Added method has_valid_name() in Module::Generic::File
    - Added module Module::Generic::File::IO to provide a uniform and exception safe interface to IO::File
    - Modified tempfile() in Module::Generic::File to accept an extension with or without leading dot.
    - Added method _load_classes to Module::Generic
    - Changed read() in Module::Generic::File so that it accept the as_object option to return an object instead of a string.
    - Added method except() in Module::Generic::Array
    - Corrected _parse_timestamp for a date patter that is for GMT and ensures the format set has GMT time zone.
    - Improved the support method _warnings_is_enabled to check if class is even registered
    - Corrected mishandling of IO layer when opening scalar with Module::Generic::Scalar::IO
    - Improved _get_args_as_hash in Module::Generic to allow parameters to be mixed with other arguments

v0.23.1 2022-03-28T11:18:17+0900
    - Added method  _set_get_glob in Module::Generic
    - Corrected a small bug in Module::Generic::Dynamic
    - Corrected a small bug in method content() in Module::Generic::File
    - Added method chown in Module::Generic::File
    - Added method datetime in Module::Generic::DateTime
    - Made a minor correction in chmod when reporting the mode upon error
    - Changed autoload of methods in Module::Generic
    - Updated the methods append and prepend in Module::Generic::Scalar to also accept sa calar reference or object
    - Changed return value for _set_get_scalar_as_object to the object when the context is object
    - Corrected a minor bug in pass_error in Module::Generic
    - Minor improvement on when a directory was removed while perl was running affecting _uri_file_cwd() in Module::Generic::File

v0.23.0 2022-03-27T20:30:48+0900
    - Minor improvement in _parse_timestamp
    - Implemented inline autoloading of some subroutines

v0.22.1 2022-03-21T15:39:24+0900
    - Corrected shared memory unit test

v0.22.0 2022-03-18T14:57:40+0900
    - Corrected a minor bug in can_write() in Module::Generic::File
    - Added module Module::Generic::File::Cache to provide a file-base caching mechanism across processes
    - Updated _set_get_object and _set_get_object_without_init in Module::Generic to accept an array of classes
    - Updated method deserialise to check if data in file was serialise with Storable::store or Storable::freeze

v0.21.12 2022-03-11T21:41:04+0900
    - Added the 'skip' parameter to find() in Module::Generic::File
    - Added the 'glob' parameter to resolve() in Module::Generic::File
    - Added the 'globbing' parameter to new() in Module::Generic::File
    - Added the $GLOBBING in Module::Generic::File
    - Added the glob() method in Module::Generic::File
    - Made minor improvements to Module::Generic::SharedMem
    - Added serialise/serialize and deserialise/deserialize to Module::Generic

v0.21.11 2022-03-10T23:50:16+0900
    - Correction of a minor, but annoying bug in Module::Generic::Array with $TRUE and $FALSE not properly set.

v0.21.10 2022-03-10T17:25:56+0900
    - Correction to unit test with DateTime and system missing components

v0.21.9 2022-03-09T17:37:34+0900
    - Improvements with Module::Generic::SharedMem encoding and decoding of JSON data

v0.21.8 2022-03-08T14:47:21+0900
    - Corrected a minor bug in resolve() whereby 'base_dir' was not taken under account
    - Updated documentation in Module::Generic::DateTime and added new documentation for Module::Generic::DateTime::Interval
    - Allowed Module::Generic::DateTime to instantiate a default DateTime object when provided no argument
    - Updated method _datetime in Module::Generic::Finfo, and _parse_timestamp and _set_get_datetime in Module::Generic to trap issues DateTime::TimeZone::Local exceptions triggered when system lacks proper time zone components.

v0.21.7 2022-03-06T16:50:58+0900
    - Added methods load_json and unlaod_json in Module::Generic::File and new_json in Module::Generic
    - Added methods checksum_md5, checksum_256 and checksum512 in Module::Generic::File

v0.21.6 2022-03-06T13:10:02+0900
    - Corrected DateTime version requirement to avoid "Cannot determine local time zone" error

v0.21.5 2022-03-05T16:40:09+0900
    - Removing a unit test

v0.21.4 2022-03-05T14:23:20+0900
    - Updated Module::Generic::Number
    - Made Class::* modules separate

v0.21.3 2022-02-28T07:14:12+0900
    - Resubmission due to error on CPAN

v0.21.2 2022-02-27T23:52:10+0900
    - Resubmission after transfer from Dan Kogai of Class::Array and Class::Scalar

v0.21.1 2022-02-27T22:34:58+0900
    - Resubmission due to error

v0.21.0 2022-02-27T17:18:25+0900
    - Improved code and removed warnings
    - Added modules Class, Class::Array, Class::Boolean, Class::Exception, Class::File, Class::Finfo, Class::Hash, Class::Null, Class::Class::Number, Class::Scalar

v0.20.0 2022-01-17T05:17:16+0900
    - Corrected small time lag in test unit 08.datetime.t
    - Add class functions stdin, stdout and stderr to Module::Generic::File
    - Corrected a bug in Module::Generic::File

v0.19.0 2022-12-23T14:04:47+0900
    - Added method mkdir in Module::Generic::File for a simpler way to create a directory than mkpath
    - Minor change to _move_or_copy() in Module::Generic::File
    - Added callback method to Module::Generic::Array to control, accept or reject insertion or deletion
    - Added callback method to Module::Generic::Scalar to control, accept or reject addition or removal
    - Added method _set_get_object_lvalue in Module::Generic to allow setting object in lvalue context
    - Added method error in Module::Generic::Array
    - Added method _lvalue as a generic lvalue method to Module::Generic
    - Added method filter to Module::Generic::Array

v0.18.4 2021-12-17T09:10:36+0900
    - Updated _parse_timestamp to handle unix timestamp provided by Time::HiRes, i.e with a decimal
    - Small correction in _obj2h in Module::Generic
    - Added method _is_integer in Module::Generic
    - Modified exists in Module::Generic::Array to take under account objects.

v0.18.3 2021-12-14T12:44:31+0900
    - Added method replace in Module::Generic::Array
    - Added methods is_empty and remove in Module::Generic::Hash
    - Changed Module::Generic::SharedMem default encoding tool to JSON instead of Storable

v0.18.2 2021-12-08T15:27:47+0900
    - Correction in Number::Format when default locale is C or POSIX

v0.18.1 2021-12-07T21:24:28+0900
    - Resubmission

v0.18.0 2021-12-04T11:13:15+0900
    - Correction in baseinfo() in Module::Generic::File
    - Minor improvement in helper method _is_a in Module::Generic
    - Added the standard PROPAGATE method in Module::Generic::Exeption
    - Added the support for global variable FATAL_ERROR to trigger fatal error
    - Implemented virtualisation in Module::Generic::File. See documentation
    - Improved error() in Module::Generic to allow the use of "class" parameter
    - Added method aliases append() and prepend() in Module::Generic::Array
    - Implemented lvalue support for many support methods in Module::Generic
    - Added test units to better test Module::Generic
    - Improved Module::Generic::Number, lightening new()
    - Corrected a bug in as_String in Module::Generic::HeaderValue
    - Module::Generic::HeaderValue returns a boolean rather than the string in boolean context

v0.17.3 2021-11-22T11:14:35+0900
    - Minor correction in Module::Generic removing the INIT block

v0.17.2 2021-11-16T12:20:03+0900
    - Minor improvement to _parse_timestamp in Module::Generic

v0.17.1 2021-11-15T11:55:16+0900
    - Minor correction in Module::Generic in _parse_timestamp
    - Fine tuning of the module versions requirements

v0.17.0 2021-11-05T20:40:13+0900
    - Updated Module::Generic::Hash, adding alias method size() pointing to length()
    - Added class Module::Generic::HeaderValue
    - Added shortcut methods device, inode, mode, nlink, uid, gid, rdev, atime, mtime, ctime, block_size, blocks, last_accessed and last_modified in package Module::Generic::File
    - Added method utime in package Module::Generic::File
    - Added method line in package Module::Generic::Scalar::IO

v0.16.5 2021-10-24T12:10:52+0900
    - Corrected Module::Generic::SharedMem read() method to not decode if buffer is empty

v0.16.4 2021-10-22T15:51:20+0900
    - Correcting an oversight in Module::Generic (module Devel::Confess was required for debugging but not removed later)

v0.16.3 2021-10-21T12:17:58+0900
    - Improved mmap method in Module::Generic::File

v0.16.2 2021-10-15T16:10:14+0900
    - Improved mmap method in Module::Generic::File

v0.16.1 2021-10-12T22:46:58+0900
    - Added methods blocking, eof, fcntl, fdopen, flush, format_write, getc, getline, getlines, ioctl, printflush, sync, sysread, sysseek, syswrite, ungetc and content_objects in Module::Generic::File
    - Corrected test units for Module::Generif::File

v0.16.0 2021-10-11T13:51:57+0900
    - Tuned _set_get_datetime method to only set a default DateTime formatter when none were already set yet
    - Added support method _set_get_uuid to store universal unique identifier with data validation
    - Added method as_json in Module::Generic::Hash to return a json string representation of the hash object
    - Added method _can in Module::Generic to quickly check if a given object has support for a given method
    - Corrected an error check in Module::Generic::SharedMem for method lock()
    - Added methods get_null in Module::Generic::Array to get a Module::Generic::Null object when offset value is undef
    - Added methods second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth
    - Made a slight adjustment in Module::Generic::Null so that the parameter value for 'wants' can be specified in lowercase and updated the documentation
    - Added method _is_ip to check IPv4 and IPv6 syntax, including with CIDR notation in Module::Generic
    - Added method _set_get_ip and _is_uuid to check syntax of UUID
    - Improved Module::Generic::Dynamic
    - Added method as_hash in Module::Generic::Hash to get the hash object as a regular hash reference
    - Improved method _is_class_loaded to more simply check at the %INC rather than rely on external module
    - Improved method _load_class to allow for passing semantics to import and provided an hash reference of options such as package version and caller's package to import the module into.
    - Added missing TO_JSON method in Module::Generic::Exception and Module::Generic::Number
    - Updated _set_get_uri in Module::Generic to initiate a URI object if value is available and not yet an object.
    - Added method aliases lower and upper in Module::Generic::Scalar
    - Added methods pack and unpack in Module::Generic::Scalar
    - Added method pack in Module::Generic::Array
    - Modified Module::Generic::Array new method to accept also a list of elements.
    - Updated the method join in Module::Generic::Array to allow passing additional arguments on top of the current array object: $a->join( ',', $more_data );
    - Updated method replace in Module::Generic::Scalar to return a special Module::Generic::RegexpCapture object
    - Added method dump_hex() which uses Devel::Hexdump if it is installed
    - Updated the method new() in Module::Generic so that a possible error be propagated to its calling object when called from object like my $new = $old->new || die( $old->error );
    - Updated AUTOLOAD to pass $self as first argument if defined
    - Updated _set_get_object_array in Module::Generic to allow any non-blessed value to be passed for object instantiation, instead of hash reference previously.
    - Added the methods intersection, max, min in Module::Generic::Array
    - Added a destruction mechanism in the END block in Module::Generic::File for file or directory set to be auto removed
    - Updated method autoflush in Module::Generic::File to affect the underlying file handle with the value provided. Before, it was just storing the boolean value.
    - Added methods mmap and unmap in Module::Generic::File to use file-based variable that can be shared across processes

v0.15.8 2021-08-21T14:13:52+0900
    - Corrected an overlooked warning in Module::Generic::Array->split

v0.15.7 2021-08-20T18:14:07+0900
    - Added support method _get_stack_trace in Module::Generic
    - Updated method init to not issue any warning when a package method returns undef when passing undef value to those methods in Module::Generic. Normally a method returning undef is a sign of an error having occurred.
    - Updated the test units for Module::Generic::SharedMem
    - Improved documentation for Module::Generic::Array

v0.15.6 2021-08-18T09:44:08+0900
    - Updated documentation for Module::Generic::Scalar (lc, lcfirst, uc, ucfirst)
    - Updated the test unit for shared memory to better handle platform not supporting IPC SysV

v0.15.5 2021-07-26T12:54:23+0900
    - Corrected mistake with module name Module::Generic::DateTime
    - Added alias makpath() to mkpath() in Module::Generic::File
    - Added alias absolute() to abs() in Module::Generic::File

v0.15.4 2021-06-29T18:34:17+0900
    - Added methods join and split in Module::Generic::File
    - Changed method extension which can now take a new value and then return a new file object
    - Added method fragments to Module::Generic::File
    - Added helper method _is_number in Module::Generic

v0.15.3 2021-06-26T14:31:27+0900
    - Improvement for Module::Generic::File for method load
    - Switched Module::Generic::SharedMem to use json xs module by default as data packing mechanism, but with the choice left to the user between JSON and Storable
    - Corrected a bug in Module::Generic::File in method tmpfile that, due to errors in parameters, inadvertently, was creating also temporary directories
    - Corrected a bug in rmtree whereby the directory itself was not removed. Added the option "keep_root" to decide whether to keep it or not.

v0.15.2 2021-06-26T06:06:16+0900
    - Added missing documentation for Module::Generic::File
    - Improved documentation for Module::Generic

v0.15.1 2021-06-20T10:19:58+0900
    - Resubmission due to bundling error

v0.15.0 2021-04-18T12:05:35+0900
    - Corrected a minor bug in Module::Generic::Dynamic, ignoring now fields that do not contain any valid chracter to become a method
    - Added method as_array(), offset() and merge() in Module::Generic::Array
    - Added method empty() in Module::Generic::Array as an alias to reset()
    - Added methods as_array(), as_number(), join() and prepend() in Module::Generic::Scalar
    - Added method as_array(), as_scalar() in Module::Generic::Number
    - Added method as_array() and as_scalar() in Module::Generic::Boolean
    - Added support for changing the offset position in a for loop in Module::Generic::Array by returning a scalar reference of an integer
    - Added the return method in Module::Generic::Array to end embedded loops.
    - Added methods even, odd, remove and unique (based on List::Util::uniq) in Module::Generic::Array
    - Added TO_JSON to Module::Generic::Array, Module::Generic::Hash and Module::Generic::Scalar to allow its object to be encoded with JSON. You still need to set the convert_blessed JSON property to true though: my $j = JSON->new->convert_blessed;
    - In Module::Generic::Array, the following methods have been changed to return a Module::Generic::Scalar object in object context and if the value retrieved from the array is not a reference of any sort: first, get, index, last, pop, shift. The splice method has been modified to return a new Module::Generic::Array object in object context when only an offset and length, or just an offset was provided.
    - Added support method _is_class_loadable in Module::Generic to check if a module can be loaded without loading it
    - Added support method _get_args_as_array in Module::Generic
    - Corrected an obscure bug in clone() when using Want.
    - Added method new_null in Module::Generic
    - Added modules Module::Generic::File and Module::Generic::Finfo to deal with files
    - Added inline class Module::Generic::Scalar::IO that inherits from IO::Scalar and enables to print to scalar
    - Added module Module::Generic::SharedMem for easy-to-use shared memory interface

v0.14.2 2021-04-03T17:22:00+0900
    - Corrected a bug in _set_get_scalar_as_object to accept overloaded objects that implement stringification
    - Corrected a bug in _set_get_hash

v0.14.1 2021-03-31T14:50:43+0900
    - Correcting a test unit in datetime and upgrading version numbers for sub modules

v0.14.0 2021-03-20T21:43:18+0900
    - Added Module::Generic::Datetime and split inline modules to their own files
    - Added method _get_args_as_hash to get methods parameters as hash reference whether they were provided initially as such or not

v0.13.6 2021-02-14T13:01:16+0900
    - Improved test unit for cygwin not supporting crypt

v0.13.5 2021-02-06T11:46:18+0900
    - Corrected a mising require for DateTime::Format::Strptime
    - Improved the _warnings_is_enabled helper method

v0.13.4 2021-01-25T18:47:55+0900
    - Moved the requirement on Apache module to the BEGIN block as it should.

v0.13.3 2020-12-08T11:12:15+0900
    - Removed method message_switch
    - Added method _set_get_object_without_init for object that cannot just simply be initiated without specific parameters, such as Apache2::RequestRec.

v0.13.2 2020-11-20T22:14:54+0900
    - Corrected method _set_get_class_array when testing if data received are an array
    - Added parameter alias 'package' to parameter 'class' in _set_get_class
    - Added data type alias in _set_get_class for convenience.
    - Corrected pass_error to create an error object when it is passed a string rather than an error object.
    - Expanded method _parse_timestamp to include keyword 'now', relative timestamp and unix timestamp.

v0.13.1 2020-09-20T08:12:16+0900
    - Updated the error method to accept and use an Exception object as parameter
    - Updated the method throw in Module::Generic::Exception to either take a string and instantiate a new exception object or use the current one.
    - Improved the error() method to better report from the start of the call stack, excluding internal package and better handling exception object
    - Added "prefix" option in method Module::Generic::message to specify something else than "##" when displaying debugging message.
    - Updated clear_error to return $self instead of just 1 and allow chaining
    - Improved message_switch to avoid replacing existing message method
    - Modified __create_class that was missing the handling of object_array_object type of method.
    - Modified as_hash so that DateTime object are converted to string

v0.13.0 2020-07-10T10:30:10+0900
    - Added alias method _set_get_number_as_object for convenience and pointing to _set_get_number
    - Added the method append in Module::Generic::Scalar
    - Added an iterator class with Module::Generic::Iterator and Module::Generic::Iterator::Element
    - Added methods index, iterator and pos in Module::Generic::Array
    - Improved documentation for Module::Generic::Array
    - Corrected 2 typos in pod for Module::Generic::Scalar
    - Added method _set_get_lvalue to make it easy to implement object oriented lvalue methods
    - Changed the _set_get_number so that now it can also be accesed as lvalue
    - Added method is_even and is_odd to Module::Generic::Number
    - Added helper method _to_array_object to make it easy to create array object out of any parameters
    - Added method "has" as an alias to method "exists" to Module::Generic::Array and Module::Generic::Hash
    - dump now() uses Data::Dump instead of Data::Printer that offers a cleaner output
    - Added method map() map_array and map_hash in Module::Generic::Hash
    - Modified method as_hash in Module::Generic::Array to take an optional hash reference of options
    - Module::Generic::Hash object can now be instantiated with no hash provided. Before it required an hash reference to be provided to instantiate the object.
    - corrected methods map_array() and map_hash() in Module::Generic::Hash
    - Updated _set_get_url to better capture all kinds of url

v0.12.16 2020-06-17T15:03:17+0900
    - Added the helper method _is_a to simplify the check for object class
    - Added method get() and list() in Module::Generic::Array
    - Added method tr in Module::Generic::Scalar
    - Corrected error in exiting a for/foreach loop in Module::Generic::Array
    - Switched clone() method to using XS module Clone::clone()
    - Added methods new_array, new_hash, new_number and new_scalar in Module::Generic to make it more convenient to create object from those classes
    - Added some missing documentation to Module::Generic::Scalar

v0.12.15 2020-06-16T12:22:19+0900
    - Fixed some test units

v0.12.14 2020-05-28T05:46:04+0900
    - Tweaked Module::Generic::Number::_set_get_prop in my last desperate attempt to correct this tedious bug. Should fix RT #132714

v0.12.13 2020-05-27T13:58:32+0900
    - Corrected (hopefully) an issue whereby some undefined hash keys would not be undefined affecting test unit

v0.12.12 2020-05-25T13:55:00+0900
    - Corrected issues with Number::Format whereby it would revert to some default, so made all of the Number::Format argument explicit, even setting them to '' to avoid Number::Format from using its inadequate default
    - Implemented a workaround to Number::Format on Windows whereby some of the POSIX::localconv values are -1. When there is no value, such as when the locale is C or when it is on Windows (value being -1), then numeric values default to 0
    - Improved test units for when running on Windows Strawberry

v0.12.11 2020-05-25T14:56:15+0900

v0.12.10 2020-05-24T13:00:03+0900
    - Corrected bug in test unit for Module::Generic::Number. Fix bug RT #132671
    - Updated Module::Generic::Scalar to return undef when creating an object with an undefined value. Fix bug RT #132681 (

v0.12.9 2020-05-23T15:00:57+0900
    - Corrected bug in test unit for Module::Generic::Number

v0.12.8 2020-05-22T16:15:00+0900
    - Change POSIX requirement to version 1.53_01 and perl minimum version to v5.26.1

v0.12.7 2020-05-22T16:15:00+0900
    - Corrected RT bug #132664 in Module::Number::init

v0.12.6 2020-05-21T14:52:00+0900
    - Corrected a small bug in creating a Number::Format object.

v0.12.5 2020-05-20T23:22:00+0900
    - Change from TryCatch to Nice::Try because TryCatch got broken with release of Devel::Declare version 0.006020

v0.12.4 2020-05-16T17:22:00+0900
    - Specified more clearly version 0.006019 for Devel::Declare, because upper version break TryCatch

v0.12.3 2020-05-16
    - Corrected minor issues at line at lines 5428 and 5430 where a typo existed

v0.12.2 2020-05-05
    - Added Module::Generic::Number, its test units and pod documentations
    - _set_get_number now sets and gets a Module::Generic::Number instead of Text::Number
    - Added Module::Generic::Hash providing an object oriented approach to hash while stil enabling direct access as usual
    - Added missing test units

v0.12.1 2020-05-03
    - Corrected issue when @_ contains an undef value in __instantiate_object

v0.12.0 2020-05-01
    - Added colour_closest, colour_format, colour_parse and message_colour
    - Added missing pod documentation

v0.11.9 2020-04-27
    - Removed some ambiguity in the use of shift

v0.11.8 2020-04-25
    - Changed init when an object preset value looks like a package name, this now also requires that the package be loaded to consider it as a package requirement. Example: $self->{url} = 'URI'; requires an object URI for the object property 'url'
    - error() method now respect the 'no warnings' pragma
    - If 'no warnings' is set, an error wil still be set, but no warning will be printed out on STDERR

v0.11.7 2020-03-30

v0.11.6 2020-03-27

v0.11.5 2020-03-27

v0.11.4 2020-03-27

v0.11.3 2020-03-26

v0.11.2 2020-03-06

v0.11.1 2020-02-04

v0.11.0 2020-02-04

v0.10.2 2020-01-11

v0.10.1 2020-01-10

v0.10.0 2020-01-07

v0.9.0 2020-01-04

v0.8.0 2020-01-01

v0.7.2 2019-12-28

v0.7.1 2019-12-27

v0.7.0 2019-12-25

v0.6.11 2019-12-13

v0.6.10 2019-11-28

v0.6.9 2019-11-27

v0.6.8 2019-11-14

v0.6.7 2019-11-08

v0.6.6 2019-11-03
    - Adjusted the functionning of _set_get_hash_as_object so that it always returns an object even when there was no data. This is to avoid the perl error of "Can't call method "this_property" on an undefined value" when doing something like my_dynamic_hash->this_property

v0.6.5 2019-11-02
    - Added an inline package Module::Generic::Boolean to handle boolean value and the _set_get_boolean method
    - Added the use of Class::Load for loading dynamically packages as used in _instantiate_object
    - Added the methods true, false under Module::Generic to be used in _set_get_boolean and _is_class_loaded and _load_class which are wrappers for Class::Load::is_class_loaded and Class::Load::load_class

v0.6.4 2019-10-31
    - Added handling of undef passed as a parameter to some of the _set_get_* methods

v0.6.3 2019-10-23
    - Add _set_get_hash_as_object with recursive processing

v0.6.1 2019-10-19

v0.5.5 2919-10-13

v0.2.0 2019-08-28
    - Switched from Class::Struct to inner package for management of exceptions for better granularity

v0.1.0 2019-08-26
    - Initial version from pre-existing work done