Revision history for Perl module HTTP::Promise

v0.2.3 2022-12-21T11:17:09+0900
    - Corrected a type in method request in HTTP::Promise

v0.2.2 2022-11-12T14:21:39+0900
    - Updated init() in HTTP::Promise to instantiate a default HTTP::Promise::Headers object to make default_header() method work.

v0.2.1 2022-10-29T21:15:10+0900
    - Added object argument 'medium' and 'shared_mem_size' that are passed to Promise::Me
    - Added method httpize_datetime to ensure a given DateTime object stringifies to a valid HTTP date
    - Added the instantiation option 'use_promise' (default to true). If false, it returns the HTTP response instead of the promise.

v0.2.0 2022-08-24T10:28:44+0900
    - Added exportable class function fetch
    - Corrected an ineffective local_address option and method
    - Added the local_host and local_port options and methods in HTTP::Promise
    - Changed HTTP::Promise::IO to support local host and port when making connections

v0.1.6 2022-08-06T19:48:15+0900
    - Attempting to correct an issue with THAWing HTTP::Promise::Message

v0.1.5 2022-08-06T13:57:59+0900
    - Removing an overlooked debugging module from test unit

v0.1.4 2022-07-17T05:56:32+0900
    - Minor correction on the temporary file extension to store response data in _read_body_chunked() in HTTP::Promise
    - Corrected passing the error object with the reject callback in delete, get, options, patch, post, put methods in HTTP::Promise
    - Added suport for serialisation by CBOR, Sereal and Storable for all modules
    - Correcting a bug in HTTP::Promise::Headers::ContentSecurityPolicyReportOnly, in report_uri()
    - Corrected missing parameters in delete() and options() methods in HTTP::Promise

v0.1.3 2022-07-01T10:44:30+0900
    - Correcting error in pod documentation affecting CPAN indexing

v0.1.2 2022-06-30T13:56:42+0900
    - Added missing requirement for URL::Encode::XS

v0.1.1 2022-06-28T06:38:36+0900
    - Remove dependency on curry

v0.1.0 2022-06-27T23:01:44+0900
    - Initial release