Revision history for Perl extension Win32::Shortcut.

0.07 June 2008
    - move ln32.bat and to eg/ subdirectory to prevent it from being installed

0.06 April 2008
    - version 0.06 for separate upload to CPAN
    - updated email addresses
    - simplified Makefile.PL
    - added META.yml
    - renamed to because it doesn't generate TAP output

0.05 November 2005
    - The constructor now saves the filename even if the file does not yet exist.
      This name is then used when the Save() method is called without arguments.
    - Convert documentation to POD and add it to

0.04 September 2005
    - The Save() function now calls Win32::GetLongPathName() on the filename
      to make sure to use a fully qualified pathname.

    - The Save() will store the new filename as the 'File' property unless
      the Shortcut object already has a 'File' property.

    - The PLL file now comes in 2 versions, one for Perl version 5.001 (build 110)
      and one for Perl version 5.003 (build 300 and higher, EXCEPT 304).
    - Added an installation program which will automatically copy the right files
      in the right place.