The Win32::OLE module provides OLE Automation capabilities to Perl.
It is based on the OLE module distributed by ActiveState with
their "Perl for Win32" port of Perl 5.003_07. Win32::OLE replaces
the older OLE module, which is now considered obsolete. Win32::OLE
is already included in the ActivePerl binary distribution.

This module is compatible with Perl 5.004_01 and above. Compilation
requires either Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2b or later, or Borland C++
version 4.02 or above.


   perl Makefile.PL
   $make test
   $make install

where $make is either "nmake" or "dmake".

See the pod documentation for details of usage.

The file NEWS.pod contains a history of user visible changes against the
previous version.

***WARNING*** This version of the module contains ALPHA level support for
OLE events. This support doesn't work yet for some OLE controls and the
user interface is still subject to change!