# The following items WILL BE done in the near future :-)

- There is a possible memory leak in Win32::OLE::Const::_Load when
  this function croaks (because $Warn is set to 3) and the croak
  is catched in a __DIE__ handler.

# This file contains random thoughts and notes about what might be
# changed in future versions of Win32::OLE.
# Note: No particular order, no promises!

- Test suite:
  Compatibility module
    PUTPROPERTY using "unnamed" method ????

- Provide access to instance data for subclassing.
  Win32::OLE objects use the tied hash mechanism for set/getproperty,
  so the standard way of accessing instance data is not available.

- Call SUBCLASS::__new__ for internally created objects, so that the subclass
  can do additional initialisation? Function name?

- TypeInfo support
  - Generic Typelib stuff
  - Validate method/property parameters
  - Automatically assign new OLE objects to a subclass, if that
    namespace exists and it "isa" Win32::OLE subclass.
    (e.g. automaticall assign all Excel chart objects to Excel::Chart)

- Better error messages
  Use Grahams Error.pm module when it has been accepted by p5p.

- Implement an error API that offers control over exceptional conditions
  (rather than simply croak()ing, which is considered "bad" for modules)
  Perhaps this can ride over a standard Exception package when it becomes

- Caching of method dispids should be done on class basis, not per object.

- Make OLE.xs thread-safe

- Provide support for OLE events, if possible
  - Callbacks in a separate thread
  - Through some kind of event loop