Revision history for Perl extension Win32::ODBC.


	* version 0.34
	* moved to eg/ subdirectory to avoid the file from
	  getting installed.


	* new version 0.33 for separate upload to CPAN
	* updated email addresses
	* simplified Makefile.PL
	* added Changes, META.yml and ppport.h files
	* renamed to because it doesn't generate TAP output

2005-09-18 11:15:17

	* ODBC/ODBC.xs: use iodbcinst.h with CYGWIN
	* ODBC/ODBC.xs (_NT_ODBC_Error): use the correct 
   	  SQLINTEGER, ... types in SQLError and not the wrong from MSVC.

Older changes can be found in the HISTORY.TXT file.