Release history for Perl module AtExit

2.05 2021-07-03 NEILB
    - Include META.json in releases
    - Switch to github issues for bug tracker
    - Simplified the README some more

2.04 2021-05-19 NEILB
    - Made all mentions of licence consistent with the statement
      in the documentation. RT#132447 from KENTNL.

2.03 2015-10-25 NEILB
    - Trimmed down the README and moved some of the history into Changes
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username

2.02 2014-04-06
    - Added a whole load of modules to SEE ALSO.

2.01_01 2014-04-03
    - Created testsuite based on old test script
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla
    - Moved to lib/
    - Added COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE section to pod
    - Added this Changes file
    - Added "use warnings"

2.01 1999-01-20 BRADAPP
    - rmexit may now be called (as a function or a method) with *no* arguments.
      When this happens, *all* exit-handlers are removed!

2.00 1998-10-20 @bradapp
    - Made the following changes based on patches contributed by Michael Chase
    - AtExit may now be used as a class to create objects which invoke callbacks
      whenever the AtExit object is destroyed (or goes out of scope with no
      other references to it).
    - atexit() amd rmexit() may now be invoked as functions, or as methods.
      When invoked as methods, they operate on an object for destruction-time
      callbacks. Otherwise they operate on the program for program-exit-time
    - Added the exit_subs(), is_exiting() and ignore_when_exiting() subroutines
      to replace the use of @AtExit::EXIT_SUBS, $AtExit::EXITING, and
      $AtExit::IGNORE_WHEN_EXITING. Use of these three variables is now
      deprecated in favor of these new subroutines.
      Although atexit & rmexit are still exported (for backward compatibility),
      exit_subs(), is_exiting() and ignore_when_exiting() are NOT exported
      by default.
    - $AtExit::EXITING, $AtExit::IGNORE_WHEN_EXITING, and @AtExit::EXIT_SUBS
      are now merely aliases to a class hash/object.

1.02 1996-09-05 @bradapp
    - First release to CPAN

1.01 1996-09-02 @bradapp
    - Some minor changes to documentation and variable names at the request
      of some comp.lang.perl.modules readers.

1.00 1996-08-27 @bradapp
    - Initial version was created by Andrew Langmead, then worked on
      by Brad Appleton for release to CPAN.
    - posted to comp.lang.perl.modules to garner feedback, and
      to see if the module was too trivial to merit placing on CPAN.
    - Added sections to the manpage as recommended by Andrew Langmead.
    - Convert "soft-refs" to subs into "hard-refs" at Andrew's recommendation.
    - Added exit-handler arguments to atexit() at Andrew's recommendation.
    - Changed atexit() to return a sub-ref (instead of nothing).