Changes for version 0.08

  • Fix mkdir error message and extraneous warning, patch from Ofer Nave <>, thanks!
  • Remove quit from the SYNOPSIS, and add a no-op quit method anyway, for the sake of being an easier Net::FTP replacement. Thanks to Zak Zebrowski <>, tvilliers at, Joe Smith <> and others for the pointer. Closes: CPAN #14803
  • Fix unused "interactive" option in new method. Huh. Thanks to John L. Utz III <>.
  • Document need to log into boxes once first.
  • Add links to the more current stuff on CPAN.
  • Patch to prevent an active CHLD reaper from picking up our ssh process from from Closes: CPAN#19189
  • Documentation patch about ssh-keygen from terrence brannon <>


Perl extension for secure copy protocol