Changes for version 0.33

  • Overhaul of index representation: indices (both normal and unique) now have names and are DBIx::DBSchema::Index objects
  • update_schema now handles indices!
  • Bump version numbers in, and
  • Pg reverse-engineering fix for column order in multi-column indices, to prevent needless drop/add of identical indices
  • mysql reverse-engineering patch from Brian Phillips <>, closes: CPAN#17582, thanks!
  • mysql NAME vs NAME_lc patch from Ralf Hack <>, closes: CPAN#16715, thanks!
  • mysql fix for additional column data from Chris Mungall <>, closes: CPAN#20859, thanks!
  • SQLite SERIAL patch from IN SUK JOUNG <>, and fix for mis-application of said patch from Slaven Rezic <>, thanks!
  • Update README wrt current CVS info and URL, closes: CPAN#27577


Database-independent schema objects
Column group objects
Index column group object
Unique column group object
Column objects
DBIx::DBSchema Driver Writer's Guide and Base Class
Oracle native driver for DBIx::DBSchema
PostgreSQL native driver for DBIx::DBSchema
SQLite native driver for DBIx::DBSchema
Sybase database driver for DBIx::DBSchema
MySQL native driver for DBIx::DBSchema
Index objects
Table objects


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