Revision history for Perl extension Business::OnlinePayment::eSelectPlus

0.06  Mon Nov 12 14:28:16 PST 2012
        - Fix voids even if an amount is passed (now ignored)
        - Add missing t/void_{ca,us}.t tests

0.05  unreleased to CPAN (Sat Nov 10 14:20:42 PST 2012)
        - Pre-auth, capture/completion, voids and credits are now supported.
          Note: testing preauth seems to work only with test store #1 (CAD).
        - Backwards-compatibility note (align usage of 'authorization' &
          'order_number' with notes_for_module_writers_v3 (3.0.1)):
          + authorization() now returns gateway transaction number (TransId)
            rather than bank authorization code (AuthCode)
          + order_number() now returns ReceiptId rather than ReferenceNum
        - by Randall Whitman <> on contract to
          DonorWare LLC dba <cpan @ donor . com>.

0.04  unreleased
        - Fix voids ("purchasecorrection" not "void")

0.03  Tue Mar  1 13:40:08 PST 2011
        - Update for compatibility with US Moneris.  Backwards-compatibility
          note: Users of previous versions must now specify 'currency'=>'CAD'

0.02  unreleased (2008-04-02)
        - Server name of production server
        - Honor test_transaction mode in submit, by overriding user/pass,
          as well as setting server name to QA server.
        - Check HTTP errors.
        - Set avs-code.
        - Use ResponseCode rather than ISO for result-code.
          We do not have enough info about "ISO" response codes to make use
          of them.  There may be good reasons why the ISO codes could be
          preferable, but we would need more information.
          For now, the ResponseCode.
        - Use AuthCode rather then Txn-number for authorization.
        - Remove extra spaces and other odd characters in Message.
        - by Randall Whitman <> on contract to
          DonorWare LLC dba <cpan @ donor . com>.
        - fix tests, die on connection errors per B:OP spec  (ivan)

0.01  Wed Mar 16 02:39:29 PST 2005
	- original version; created by ivan 1.0