Changes for version 3.21

  • Add repository, contributing and contirbutor information to the docs.
  • Patch from Nate Nuss <ogmoid[...]> implementing ("Additional Shipping Information (Level 2 Data)" ~pg 24 in the AIM guide): tax, freight, duty, tax_exempt, po_number. Thanks! (closes: CPAN#42046)
  • Patch from Michael Peters to fix a bug in email address handling: exclude x_Email_Customer flag when it is not specified in content, to avoid overriding admin settings. (closes: CPAN#51501)
  • Patch from Josh Rosenbaum to fix encapsulation problems. Thanks! (closes: CPAN#15210)
  • Clarified documentation wrt transaction key (closes: CPAN#23753)
  • ARB (recurring billing) fixes from John Springer, thanks! (closes: CPAN#48625)
  • Add META.yml


AuthorizeNet backend for Business::OnlinePayment
AuthorizeNet AIM backend for Business::OnlinePayment
AuthorizeNet ARB backend for Business::OnlinePayment