Changes for version 3.16

  • Update link to API docs, now it is called "Advanced Integration Method (AIM)"
  • Update test account, separate ACH-capable one
  • patch to map ship_company properly to x_Ship_To_Company from Mike Barry <>
  • Documentation patch from William McKee <> From Michael G. Schwern <>:
  • Eliminate inheriting from AutoLoader. We're not using it and it just screws up the error messages.
  • account_type mentioned twice in the required fields for checks.
  • Quiet an uninit value warning when customer_org is not set.
  • Fix t/credit_card.t test to use a date 11 months in the future as the expiration date, and to print the error message on failure.
  • Update tests to use Test::More


AuthorizeNet backend for Business::OnlinePayment