Changes for version 3.01

  • Add optional transaction fields to documentation: tax, freight, duty, tax_exempt, po_number.
  • Add return fields to documentation: order_number, avs_code, cvv2_response, response_code, response_headers, response_page.
  • Add beginning of introspection interface for processor modules.
  • Add electronic check fields to documentation: bank_city, bank_state
  • Add clarification to notes_for_module_writers_v3 on authorization vs. order_number
  • (3.01_03) Add ECHECK_void_requires_account to introspection
  • (3.01_04) Refactor most of the B:OP:HTTPS code out to Net:HTTPS::Any
  • (3.01_04) Add card_token documentation. Add token_support to introspection.

Changes for version 3.00_09

  • doc: Allowable values of account_type
  • doc: Recurring billing actions and fields
  • doc: new standard fields track1, track2, patch from Chris Travers, thanks!
  • B:OP:HTTPS: Normalize https_get and https_post response_code to "NNN message" without HTTP version even when using Net::SSLeay.

Changes for version 3.00_08

  • B:OP:HTTPS: set response_page, response_code, response_headers
  • B:OP:HTTPS: Normalize https_post (and debugging) response_code to "NNN message" even when using LWP/Crypt::SSLeay.
  • B:OP: defined &$class is not how you detect if a class has been loaded (just using use should be fine). Closes: CPAN#22071
  • Enable retrieval of fraud transaction score and transaction ID, B:OP and B:FD:preCharge patch from Jason Hall, thanks!

Changes for version 3.00_07

  • B:OP:HTTPS request headers now work with Crypt::SSLeay too.

Changes for version 3.00_06

  • B:OP:HTTPS: add optional \%options (options hashref) to https_get and https_post to allow modules using this to set headers, etc. required for PayflowPro HTTP protocol support
  • B:OP:HTTPS: support setting Net::SSLeay "$mime_type6" argument
  • B:OP:HTTPS: pass $DEBUG value to $Net::SSLeay::trace (debug control)
  • new() now passes %data (processor data) to set_defaults
  • update B:OP:HTTPS to allow setting request headers
  • doc: list a bunch of previously undocumented fields

Changes for version 3.00_05

  • Update Makefile.PL so Business::FraudDetect::preCharge is installed, included by make dist, etc.
  • Phil Lobbes is responsible for the rest of the work in this release. Thanks!
    • Reworked _pre_submit functionality:
      • Add Class data %WrappedSubmitClassMethod to remember "wrapped" submit
      • Fix new() to check %WrappedSubmitClassMethod to avoid creating deep recursion
      • Used feedback from MSCHWERN / Bug #22074 to cleanup new/_pre_submit more
      • Now always wrap submit() method with _pre_submit() (but only once)
      • no longer populate _child_submit, code in anon sub was cleaned up
      • use return values from _pre_submit to determine if real submit is called. the return values from _pre_submit should be reviewed/verified still
      • _risk_detect(): explicity set return value
      • _pre_submit(): explicity set return value
    • Updated tests:
      • 8 new tests and 1 new "MOCK3" driver for testing _pre_submit() functionality
      • test for new() replacing subclass submit and causing deep recursion
      • minor cleanup of test drivers
      • fix "submit unchanged" test case: now wrapped with _pre_submit() always
    • Updated POD documentation:
      • Minor documentation change in print statements use ',' instead of '.'

Changes for version 3.00_04

  • failure statues (see notes_for_module_writers_v3)
  • oops, forgot _03 changelog in _03
  • B:OP:HTTPS: require Net::SSLeay 1.30 and remove _my_https_post kludge
  • eliminate warnings about redefined subroutines
  • Business::FraudDetect and Business::FraudDetect::preCharge included
  • From Phil Lobbes:
    • content() now returns empty hash if no content is defined
    • build_subs now uses can() so it doesn't redefine subs (and generate warnings)
    • DOC: SYNOPSIS now uses correct "card_number" and not "cardnumber"
    • created test cases for (all?) methods except _risk_detect _pre_submit
    • Removed some old commented out 2.x statements
    • set $VERSION using eval per modperlstyle
    • new() now will strip off multiple leading dashes before calling build_subs NOTE: we should probably have it remove any \W to make perl happy
    • required_fields() now croaks with a list of missing fields
    • Lots of general cleanup, no functional changes. "fill paragraphs" in POD, remove extra whitespace, sorted %fields, dump_contents now sorts %contents, added myself to AUTHORS.
  • From Frederic Briere (closes: CPAN#21082):
    • DOC: s/exp_date/expiration/

Changes for version 3.00_03

  • https_post now accepts a scalar of raw content instead of key value pairs

Changes for version 3.00_02

  • HTTPS base class now has https_post in addition to https_get

Changes for version 3.00_01

  • first of the v3 dev releases


A cohort to Business::OnlinePayment
backend for Business::FraudDetect (part of Business::OnlinePayment)
Perl extension for online payment processing
Base class for HTTPS payment APIs