Changes for version 0.31

  • Add LICENSE section to POD documentation
  • Add META.yml to MANIFEST
  • Add Irish Laser card, thanks to Eoin Redmond for the heads-up.
  • Add documentation on what this module *is* and *is NOT* about.
  • Spelling fix in docs
  • correct misdocumentation of $Business::CreditCard::Country
  • Move to test/t and change to using Test::More, modify MANIFEST and Makefile.PL accordingly (thanks to Alexander Ciornii)
  • Silence unwanted warnings (thanks to Alexander Ciornii)
  • Discover cards starting with 644-649 are now recognized
  • Most Diner's Club cards (300-305, 3095 and 36) now processed as Discover
  • China Union pay now includes 624-626 and 628 in addition to 622 (and still identified as Discover outside China)
  • JCB identified as Discover in the US


Validate/generate credit card checksums/names