Revision history for Perl extension Chemistry::Mok.

0.25  May 16 2005
        - Read one molecule at a time using the Chemistry-Mol-0.30 interface.
        - New special variable $FH
        - Added support for Chemistry::3DBuilder (-3 command-line option)
        - Add #line to the generated code so that errors give more meaninful
          line numbers.
        - Fixed parsing bug where the first block used an explicit pattern
        - Restructured Chemistry::Mok to be more object-oriented: 
        - WARNING: the mok object is now a hash reference instead of an array
          reference. This may affect derived classes.

0.24  Mar 4 2005
        - Added -D option
        - Added support for multiple pattern languages on the same

0.23  Aug 7 2004
        - New option -d (delete dummies)
        - don't buffer stdio
        - New option -a (aromatize)

0.22  Jul 03 2004
        - Make sure molecules are read by their default classes instead
          of Chemistry::Mol.

0.21  Jun 18 2004
        - Made SMARTS the default pattern language; added -p option.
        - Added the println function.
        - Added implicit globbing to mok under MSWin32.
        - Changed tests for better MSWin32 compatibility.

0.20  Jun 10 2004
        - Support for different pattern languages.
        - User package now imports from Chemistry::Atom and Math::VectorReal.
        - Fixed error when an implicit block had leading comments.

0.16  May 19 2004
        - Added -b option (add bonds)
        - Added support for comments outside action blocks
        - Fixed undef $/ bug.

0.15  Mar 4 2004
        - Bug fixes: pattern options were ignored, -f option didn't work.
        - Changes: special variables $MOL, $PATT, $FILE, $MATCH are now 
        - Features: new special variables @A and @B.
        - Documentation: fixed some errors, revised examples.
        - Tests: added a few simple tests, based on the examples in the POD.
        See *.mok. The tests use the *.mol files that are provided. Note that
        Chemistry::File::MDLMol must be installed for the tests to work.

0.10  Mar 1 2004
        - First release