PPM::Make - Make a ppm package from a CPAN distribution

      my $ppm = PPM::Make->new( [options] );


    This module automates somewhat some of the steps needed to make a ppm
    (Perl Package Manager) package from a CPAN distribution. It attempts to
    fill in the ABSTRACT and AUTHOR attributes of Makefile.PL, if these
    are not supplied, and also uses pod2html to generate a set of html
    documentation. It also adjusts CODEBASE of package.ppd to reflect
    the generated package.tar.gz or archive, and can add
    a post-install script via the <INSTALL> field to the ppd file. 
    Such packages are suitable both for local installation via

      C:\.cpan\build\package_src> ppm install

    and for distribution via a repository.

    The module may be used either within a locally installed
    source distribution or else it can fetch and build remote

    As well, there are some helper modules that may be useful
    for maintaining a ppm repository: PPM::Make::RepositorySummary,
    for generating various summary files for a repository, and
    PPM::Make::Bundle, for making a zipped ppm bundle consisting
    of a distribution and all of its prerequisities.

    Needed software for unpacking and making .tar.gz and
    .zip archives, and a make program, is required. Information
    on authors, as well as a mapping between module and distribution
    names, is obtained from a remote SOAP server - if this is
    unavailable, and associated indices will be tried,
    for which prior configuration is assumed.

    The software needed for the remote SOAP server is available
    in the CPAN-Search-Lite distribution on CPAN - see

    A Win32 ppm package, suitable for use with ActivePerl
    compatible Perl packages, is available at
    for ActivePerl 6xx,
    for ActivePerl 8xx, and
    for ActivePerl 10xx.

    This program is copyright, 2002, 2004, 2006, by Randy Kobes
    <>. It is distributed under the
    same terms as Perl itself.