Changes for version 1.70 - 2021-08-01

  • Switched to a production version

Changes for version 1.69_02 - 2021-07-30

  • Fix doc to use the correct attribute with sqlite_ (GH#86, eekboek++)
  • Modify the fix to silence the sqlite_unicode warning not to check the attribute twice
  • Fix an encoding issue of naive (GH#83, HaraldJoerg++)

Changes for version 1.69_01 - 2021-07-30

  • Typo (GH#85, grr++)
  • Silenced deprecation warning of sqlite_unicode not to break tests of existing applications


The DBD::SQLite Cookbook
Using fulltext searches with DBD::SQLite


Self-contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver
common SQLite constants
SQLite virtual tables implemented in Perl
virtual table for viewing file contents
virtual table hooked to Perl data


in lib/DBD/SQLite/
in lib/DBD/SQLite/
in lib/DBD/SQLite/VirtualTable/
in lib/DBD/SQLite/VirtualTable/