Changelog for WebService-Simplenote

0.2.2 2021-06-06T03:45:26Z
 - Deprecate dist (Ioan Rogers)

0.2.1 2012-06-15T03:43:37Z
 - Perltidy broke the methods! (Ioan Rogers)

0.2.0 2012-06-15T03:00:30Z
 - Releasing v0.2.0 (Ioan Rogers)
 - Use cookies for auth token, closes #3 (Ioan Rogers)
 - Support http proxy from environment [closes github #2] (Ioan Rogers)
 - Move Method::Signatures use to work around
   github:schwern/method-signatures#41 (Ioan Rogers)
 - Move Method::Signatures use to work around github
   schwern/method-signatures#41 (Ioan Rogers)
 - Using Method::Signatures (Ioan Rogers)
 - Using JSON directly, no longer depending on MooseX::Storage. (Ioan
 - Fix changelog output (Ioan Rogers)

0.1.2 2012-05-04T08:37:45Z
 - Bump version (Ioan Rogers)
 - Support paginated index (Ioan Rogers)
 - Don't track timetracker config (Ioan Rogers)
 - Specify the simplenote api version used (Ioan Rogers)
 - Fixed pod formatting (Ioan Rogers)

0.1.1 2012-04-14T20:31:14Z
 - Explicitly list JSON::Any as a prereq (via MooseX::Storage) (Ioan

0.1.0 2012-04-14T01:41:23Z
 - Tidied (Ioan Rogers)
 - Use array traits for tags (Ioan Rogers)
 - key can't be read-only (Ioan Rogers)
 - Documentation improvements, ability to delete (Ioan Rogers)
 - Documentation and example script (Ioan Rogers)
 - Clean up dist.ini (Ioan Rogers)
 - Doc improvement, use no_*_updates instead of allow_*_updates for easier
   command line (Ioan Rogers)
 - Documentation changes (Ioan Rogers)
 - Log from notes (Ioan Rogers)
 - Migrated out app specific stuff * Improve content->title and call via
   trigger (Ioan Rogers)
 - TimeTracker project (Ioan Rogers)
 - Improved note test, and only serialise built attrs (Ioan Rogers)
 - Mostly switched to MooseX::Storage (Ioan Rogers)
 - Breaking app and webservice api into different modules (Ioan Rogers)
 - Renaming to WebService::Simplenote (Ioan Rogers)
 - Separate out storage (Ioan Rogers)
 - Rearragned and tidied a bit. Changed way title is generated (Ioan
 - rename test properly * remove sync_dir serialisation, not needed (Ioan
 - Rename tests (Ioan Rogers)
 - POD moving * started to factor out storage backends * MooseX::Storage
   instead of JSON, can also be used for metadata/sync_db (Ioan Rogers)
 - Not needed anymore (Ioan Rogers)
 - gets, puts, deletes properly, need to split storage out (Ioan Rogers)
 - Good enough to download notes with new api (Ioan Rogers)
 - Ignore log files (Ioan Rogers)
 - Removing mention of Crypt::SSLeay, cpan will handle https requirements
   (Ioan Rogers)
 - Adding original author to dist.ini (Ioan Rogers)
 - Initial modularisation (Ioan Rogers)
 - Reorg for modularisation (Ioan Rogers)
 - add nuclear option command (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - update SimplenoteSync status information (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - fix file time request on non-mac systems (I think...  thanks to
   harpchad) (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - add warning about data loss (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - remove css (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Update readme, move to MD format (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - bundle Crypt::SSLeay in SimplenoteSync package (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - set default file extension if config only has 3 lines (Fletcher T.
 - disable flags by default (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Don't download modified notes that are flagged as deleted in index (I
   hope!) (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - include title or key in network warnings (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - add flag to notify of each network request (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - whitespace change (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Fourth line of simplenotesyncrc file allows changing the extension of
   filenames (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - add note for future reference (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - quote directory names in error messages to make it easier to notice
   improper spaces (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Update README (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Allow '\ ' in pathnames in .simplenotesyncrc (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Add support for MacRoman text files (e.g. from Notational Velocity),
   improve documentation (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Fixed bug that prevented sync if local directory did *not* have spaces
   (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - I think I found the solution to sync problems - fixed in debug first
   (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Update debug instructions (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Added more tests to (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - added instructions to debug (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Added debug utility (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - turn debug back off by default (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Properly handle it when notes are renamed on Simplenote (Fletcher T.
 - Check for titles that are too long and create a trimmed version of it
   for the filename (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - fix bug in deleteNote when not changing server (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Split 'safety mode' into separate settings for local and remote
   modification settings (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - more informative error message when login fails (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Add a 'safety mode' to avoid writing any changes; show specific error
   when Crypt::SSLeay not installed (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - update README (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - disable upcoming conflict resolution by default (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Added error checking to detect incorrect data in rc file (Fletcher T.
 - change file name (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Change name to SimplenoteSync (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - strip special characters from note's title when saving locally (Fletcher
   T. Penney)
 - Update readme (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Clean up code, add comments, improve collision handling on sync
   (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - improve error message when no rc file (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - centralize filename <=> title routines; remove Time::Local dependency
   (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - fix project name again (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - Unify project name to SimpleSync (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - fix appearance of README (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - add readme (Fletcher T. Penney)
 - initialize git repository (Fletcher T. Penney)