Changes for version 0.04

  • Allan Stephens reported a couple of missing constants. I went and grabbed a copy of tipc-1.5.10, its TIPC is missing PF_TIPC, TIPC_CFG_SRV, TIPC_TOP_SRV and TIPC_RESERVED_NODES. In the interests of maximum portability, I'm making missing constants a nonfatal error; the constant just returns 'undef' if it wasn't defined in tipc.h. Also, PF_TIPC is rather important, so I've conditionally defined it to AF_TIPC in TIPC.xs when found to be undefined. (linux-2.6.16's tipc.h defines it the same way.)
  • Added an extra set of tests, to ensure useful return values from those constants the TIPC module uses internally. (Currently, a very small subset of the full list.)
  • The socket(2) manpage indicates its first field should be a PF_* value, not AF_*. Switch to use PF_TIPC.
  • Fix Sockaddr's _stringify() XS method, to print everything as unsigned integers. This is rather important; portid references are 32-bit and they seem to be randomly generated, so the high bit is set half of the time.


Perl sockets for TIPC
struct sockaddr_tipc object