Changes for version 0.03

  • Tested the module with 5.6.2 successfully. Lower required version in Makefile.PL, accordingly. perl-5.6.0 failed to build (some Makefile problem), so I was unable to test TIPC against that version.
  • Rework the Makefile.PL stuff that attempts to find tipc.h. Work with a tipc.h file from either linux kernel sources, or from the tipc addon sources.
  • As a useful side effect of the above, tell CPANPLUS not to report build failures if the prerequisites aren't met (OS = Linux, can find tipc.h).
  • Implement sendto() and recvfrom(). These are still a bit hackish at the moment, but I can fix that without changing the API.
  • Write tests for SOCK_RDM and SOCK_DGRAM. Update the testsuite to always call things in the right order, rather than relying on sleep(1) to avoid race conditions. This speeds "make test" up by 5 seconds or more.
  • Adjust t/sockaddr.t to skip the throws_ok() tests, when the user doesn't have Test::Exception installed. Since we run without it, remove it from the list of dependencies.
  • Release 0.03.


Perl sockets for TIPC
struct sockaddr_tipc object