Changes for version 0.7

  • Bring the "svn-bisect" manpage up to date.
  • Change 'start' and the initial logic to behave more like git-bisect: if min and max are not specified, don't assume the maximum possible range and immediately start bisecting. Instead, wait until the user has given these values with the "before" and "after" commands, and don't do anything until that's happened. (This change may surprise some users who are used to the behavior of older versions, but it will reduce surprise from people used to git-bisect.)
  • Switch to YAML::Syck for a 1000% speed boost (plus or minus some) on repositories with huge logs.
  • Change the final state a bit, so that when the final revision is reached, the config file is updated. (This reduces confusion when the end is reached and then subsequent commands are issued.)



binary search through svn revisions