migrationd - AI::Evolve::Befunge migration server


    migrationd [-q|v|d] [-h host/IP] [-p port]


This script acts as a server to link multiple instances of AI::Evolve::Befunge together for the purposes of migration. This is a cheap, easy form of parallel processing - migration allows useful traits to propagate without requiring any synchronization, and using minimal bandwidth.

It will run until it is killed.

Please be aware that this protocol is subject to change over time - the whole migration process will be adapted to use Net::Cluster when that becomes available. Until this feature has stabilized, no guarantee is made that newer versions of AI::Evolve::Befunge will be able to talk to this version of the server.


-h <host/IP>, --host=<host/ip>

Hostname or IP address to listen on. By default, connections will be accepted on all available IPs.

-p <port>, --port=<port>

TCP port to listen on. The default port is 29522.

-q, --quiet

Enable quiet mode. This will reduce the amount of output.

-v, --verbose

Enable verbose mode. This will increase the amount of output.

-d, --debug

Enable debug mode. This will increase the amount of output.