mb::Encode - provides MBCS encoder and decoder


    use mb::Encode qw();
    # MBCS encode
    $big5_octet      = mb::Encode::to_big5     (UTF8_octet);
    $big5hkscs_octet = mb::Encode::to_big5hkscs(UTF8_octet);
    $cp932_octet     = mb::Encode::to_cp932    (UTF8_octet);
    $cp936_octet     = mb::Encode::to_cp936    (UTF8_octet);
    $cp949_octet     = mb::Encode::to_cp949    (UTF8_octet);
    $cp950_octet     = mb::Encode::to_cp950    (UTF8_octet);
    $eucjp_octet     = mb::Encode::to_eucjp    (UTF8_octet);
    $gbk_octet       = mb::Encode::to_gbk      (UTF8_octet);
    $sjis_octet      = mb::Encode::to_sjis     (UTF8_octet);
    $uhc_octet       = mb::Encode::to_uhc      (UTF8_octet);
    # MBCS decode
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_big5     (big5_octet     );
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_big5hkscs(big5hkscs_octet);
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_cp932    (cp932_octet    );
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_cp936    (cp936_octet    );
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_cp949    (cp949_octet    );
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_cp950    (cp950_octet    );
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_eucjp    (eucjp_octet    );
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_gbk      (gbk_octet      );
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_sjis     (sjis_octet     );
    $UTF8_octet = mb::Encode::by_uhc      (uhc_octet      );
    # imports short name
    use mb::Encode qw(
        to_big5       big5       by_big5
        to_big5hkscs  big5hkscs  by_big5hkscs
        to_cp932      cp932      by_cp932
        to_cp936      cp936      by_cp936
        to_cp949      cp949      by_cp949
        to_cp950      cp950      by_cp950
        to_eucjp      eucjp      by_eucjp
        to_gbk        gbk        by_gbk
        to_sjis       sjis       by_sjis
        to_uhc        uhc        by_uhc
    # MBCS encode on shorthand
    $big5_octet      = big5     (UTF8_octet);
    $big5hkscs_octet = big5hkscs(UTF8_octet);
    $cp932_octet     = cp932    (UTF8_octet);
    $cp936_octet     = cp936    (UTF8_octet);
    $cp949_octet     = cp949    (UTF8_octet);
    $cp950_octet     = cp950    (UTF8_octet);
    $eucjp_octet     = eucjp    (UTF8_octet);
    $gbk_octet       = gbk      (UTF8_octet);
    $sjis_octet      = sjis     (UTF8_octet);
    $uhc_octet       = uhc      (UTF8_octet);


 Encode - character encodings in Perl
 Jacode - Perl program for Japanese character code conversion
 Jacode4e - program for enterprise
 Jacode4e::RoundTrip - Jacode4e for round-trip conversion in JIS X 0213
 mb - run Perl script in MBCS encoding (not only CJK ;-)
 UTF8::R2 - makes UTF-8 scripting easy for enterprise use or LTS
 IOas::CP932IBM - provides CP932IBM I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script
 IOas::CP932NEC - provides CP932NEC I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script
 IOas::CP932 - provides CP932 I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script
 IOas::SJIS2004 - provides SJIS2004 I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script
 IOas::CP932X - provides CP932X I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script


INABA Hitoshi <>

This project was originated by INABA Hitoshi.


This software is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perlartistic.

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.