Revision history for WWW-Session

0.01    2011-04-23
        First version
0.02	2011-04-23
		Improved autosave method
		POD fixes
0.03	2011-04-24
		Fixed test to properly skip Memcache tests unless Cache::Memcached is installed
		POD fixes
0.04	2011-04-26
		Fixed code to work with perl < 5.10 (removed smart operator)
		POD improvements and fixes
0.05	2011-04-27
		Better POD and error messages
0.06	2011-05-03
		Fixed bug in TIEHASH interface
		Fixed POD for storage engines
0.07	2011-05-04
		Fixed bug in import method for field settings
0.08	2013-04-24
		Fixed bug in MySQL backend
		Added description for all modules
0.09	2013-05-10
		Delete correctly registers a change so autosave can do it's job
0.10	2013-07-18
		Fixed Cache::Memcached dependency causing tests to fail on certain environments
0.11	2014-12-9
    Implemented triggers on set/delete value
    Fixed problem with MySQL backend that caused expired session to be kept forever
0.12	2014-12-9
    Fixed test for MySQL storage