Revision history for Net-MessageBus

0.01    2012-03-07
        First version
0.02    2012-03-08
        Fixed problems when readin large ammounts of messages from the server
        Added more tests
        Better logging
0.03    2012-03-09
        Added missing tests to the test suite
        Updated dependecies list
        Added UTF8 tests
0.04	2012-03-10
		Added missing module dependecy to the Server module
		More POD fixes
0.05	2012-03-10
		Added subscribe_all and unsubscribe functionality to the client
		Small fixes to the tests
0.06	2012-03-13
		Implemented fix for the stop command on Windows systems
0.07	2012-03-16
		Implemented blocking flag and made the timeout for waiting messages from the server configurable
		Fixed bug in Net::MessageBus::Server module
0.08	2012-03-29
        General improvements
        Fixed blocking mode bug for client
        Speed improvements