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 <dc:title>Complex singularities of the critical potential in the large-N limit</dc:title>
 <dc:creator>Meurice, Y.</dc:creator>
 <dc:description>  We show with two numerical examples that the conventional expansion in powers
of the field for the critical potential of 3-dimensional O(N) models in the
large-N limit, does not converge for values of phi^2 larger than some critical
value. This can be explained by the existence of conjugated branch points in
the complex phi^2 plane. Pade approximants [L+3/L] for the critical potential
apparently converge at large phi^2. This allows high-precision calculation of
the fixed point in a more suitable set of coordinates. We argue that the
singularities are generic and not an artifact of the large-N limit. We show
that ignoring these singularities may lead to inaccurate approximations.
 <dc:description>Comment: 9 pages, 9 figures, uses revtex</dc:description>