Changes for version 0.82

  • Move pod tests to xt (and do not distribute)
  • Fix some links in the docs
  • Add ".xlsm" to known XLSX file extensions
  • Spreadsheet::ReadSXC has a new maintainer (Corion)
    • support file handles
    • suggest version 0.24 (0.22 causes fails)
  • First attempt in supporting Spreadsheet::ParseODS (alpha code)
    • version 0.25 should now pass the limited tests
    • thanks to Corion for making this happen!
  • It's 2020
  • Fallback to Pod::Text if nroff not available in tools
  • Extended support for merged cells with merge option
    • Added $sheet->merged_from ("C2")
  • Add --no-nl[=x] to xlscat
  • xlscat: Align-right more numerics on -L (was only positive integers)
  • xlsx2csv -Z : generate a ZIP file with a CSV for every sheet
  • Doc fix (issue#33)



Read the data from a spreadsheet