* Hook into STD.pm or something similar so the user can do something like
   C<grok '[*]'> or C<grok -s '[*]'> to find out about syntax
 * Look at proto and other installation software for Perl 6 and see if we can
   find a way to look up module files, for C<grok Pod::Parser>, etc
 * Add -m switch to display module's file in its entirety like perldoc
 * Think about i18n, add -L for lang code like perldoc
 * Maybe use Pod::Man to allow --format=man
 * Start porting/bundling third-party docs

 * Figure out how to wrap lines to $COLUMNS
 * Maybe write an nroff renderer (for --format=man)
 * Allow passing through the Pod verbatim (for --unformatted / --format=pod)
 * Maybe indent paragraphs automatically like Pod::Text does