DRAFT: Synopsis 32: Setting Library - Exception


    Tim Nelson <wayland@wayland.id.au>
    Larry Wall <larry@wall.org>


    Created: 26 Feb 2009

    Last Modified: 8 Jan 2010
    Version: 2

The document is a draft.

If you read the HTML version, it is generated from the Pod in the specs repository under https://github.com/perl6/specs/blob/master/S32-setting-library/Exception.pod so edit it there in the git repository if you would like to make changes.


    role Exception does Positional {
        # XXX How do we tell the difference between a warning and a fatal error?

    role Resumeable {
        method resume() {...}

    role Failure {
        method Bool {...}
        method handled {...}


    class Failure does Failure {
        has $.handled;

    class ControlExceptionSigHUP does Exception does Resumeable {}


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