[DRAFT] Synopsis 31: Pragmatic Modules


    Tim Nelson <wayland@wayland.id.au>
    Larry Wall <larry@wall.org>


    Created: 24 Feb 2009

    Last Modified: 24 Feb 2009
    Version: 1

The document is a draft.

If you read the HTML version, it is generated from the Pod in the specs repository under https://github.com/perl6/specs/blob/master/S31-pragmatic-modules.pod so edit it there in the git repository if you would like to make changes.


It is a general policy in Perl 6 that any pragma designed to influence the surface behavior of a keyword is identical to the keyword itself, unless there is good reason to do otherwise. On the other hand, pragmas designed to influence deep semantics should not be named identically, though of course some similarity is good.

All floating point IEEE modes must be lexically available via pragma except in cases where that would entail heroic efforts to bypass a braindead platform.

XXX FIX: I (Tim Nelson) have no clue as to what the above entails, so the spec does not reflect this XXX


use autoindex -- see S09-data.pod
use bytes -- see S05-regex.pod
use chars -- see S05-regex.pod
use codes -- see S05-regex.pod
use graphs -- see S05-regex.pod
use m :foo -- see S05-regex.pod
use MONKEY_TYPING -- see S12-objects.pod
use PDL -- see S09-data.pod
use regex :foo -- see S05-regex.pod
use rule :foo -- see S05-regex.pod
use rx :foo -- see S05-regex.pod
use s :foo -- see S05-regex.pod
use self -- see S06-routines.pod
use token :foo -- see S05-regex.pod
use oo :closed :final -- see S12-objects.pod


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