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=head1 TITLE

DRAFT: Synopsis 32: Setting Library - Callable

=head1 AUTHORS

    Tim Nelson <wayland@wayland.id.au>
    Larry Wall <larry@wall.org>

=head1 VERSION

    Created: 26 Feb 2009

    Last Modified: 3 May 2009
    Version: 2

The document is a draft.

If you read the HTML version, it is generated from the Pod in the specs
repository under
so edit it there in the git repository if you would like to make changes.

This document documents Code, Block, Signature, Capture, Routine, Sub, Method, Submethod,
and Macro.

=head1 Roles

=head2 Callable

    role Callable {...}

The C<Callable> role implies the ability
to support C<< postcircumfix:<( )> >>.

=head2 Code

    # Base class for all executable objects
    role Code {
        method Signature signature() {...}
        method Code      assuming(...) {...}
        method           do() {...} # See L<S12/Introspection>
        method Bool defined {...}
        # XXX What does do() return?  I mean, it's a "method body", but what's that?

For C<Code>, the C<.defined> method returns whether a body has
been defined.  A body consisting only of C<...>, C<!!!>, or C<???>
(with optional message arguments) does not count as defined.

To test if a name has been declared, look up the symbol in the
appropriate symbol table.

=head2 Block

    # Executable objects that have lexical scopes
    role Block does Code does Callable {
        method next() {...}
        method last() {...}
        method redo() {...}
        method leave() {...}
        method labels() {...}
        method as() {...} # See L<S12/Introspection> and L<S02/Value types>

=head2 Signature

 # Function parameters (left-hand side of a binding)
 role Signature {...}

=head2 Capture

 # Function call arguments (right-hand side of a binding)
 role Capture does Positional does Associative {...}

=head2 WrapHandle

 role WrapHandle {...}

=head1 Classes

=head2 Routine

 class Routine does Block {
      method WrapHandle wrap(Code $code) {...}
      method Routine    unwrap(Wraphandle $original) {...}
      method Str        name() {...}
      method Bool       multi() {...}


=item unwrap

See L<S06/Wrapping>.

=item wrap

 method wrap(Code $code) {...}

See L<S06/Wrapping>.


=head2 Sub

    class Sub isa Routine {...}

=head2 Method

    class Method isa Routine {...}

=head2 Submethod

    class Submethod isa Routine {...} # XXX or should this be isa Sub

=head2 Macro

    class Macro isa Routine {...}

=head1 Additions

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