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Revision history for Perl extension Pad::Tie

0.006   2007-04-25 hdp
        change Lexical::Persistence subclass to not set $arg_ variables;
          just pass in @_ like a normal function

0.005   2007-04-25 hdp
        autovivify hash and array attrs
        fix test collision

0.004   2007-04-25 hdp
        add array_attr, hash_attr, base hash object attr plugin
        don't load plugins under Plugin::Base::

0.003   2007-04-24 hdp
        fix pod, add to TODO
        add scalar_attr and unfortunate pre_call mechanism

0.002   2007-04-24 hdp
        'pod is so goofy' -- rjbs 

0.001   2007-04-24 hdp
        original version