Revision history for Perl extension IPC::Run3::Shell.

0.54	Sat, May 23 2015
	- Objects that stringify no longer warn when used as arguments.
	- Using "undef" in the argument list now causes an "uninitialized"
	  warning instead of the custom warnings category.
	- Non-numeric values in "allow_exit" now warn in "numeric" category
	  instead of the custom warnings category.
	- Various documentation and test updates.

0.52	Thu, Jan  1 2015	commit 7e1ab1fe4fe6fb57c6580682ea54231ad90433ca
	- added "both" option
	- added ->import_into("package", ...)
	- various documentation updates
	- fixed a few tests in Perl v5.6 and (hopefully) on Windows
	- note that as of this release, odd numbered versions will be
	  development versions (normally not released)

0.51	Sun, Aug 24 2014	commit e1eae144ce2a3b0493f9f5b4706861b2afdc68e4
	- fix a test failure on Darwin
	- undefs in the argument list are now changed to empty strings
	  (was causing trouble on Windows with Win32::ShellQuote)
	- added support for Perls < v5.10
	- updated documentation, mainly Synopsis

0.50	Sun, Aug 17 2014	commit c3b776d8707b61b1d6095fe05952d9031eb6ae55
	- first public release