Revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::Cookie

0.18 - 2020-08-27
        - add SameSite support (RT#133009)
        - convert optional test using Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst to
          mandatory test using Catalyst::Test
        - convert from Module::Install to Distar for packaging and release
        - fix running Makefile.PL when . is not included in @INC (RT#121882)
        - minor test cleanups
        - typo and spelling fixes in documentation
        - convert repository to git (fREW Schmidt)

0.17    2009-10-18
        - Fixup copyright information

0.16    2009-10-16
        - Use session config handling from Catalyst::Plugin::Session 0.27.

0.15    2009-10-06
        - Fix the httponly option again (Closes RT##50249).
        - Make tests not warn with latest version of Catalyst.
        - Prefer session configuration to be in the 'Plugin::Session'
          config key, but provide backwards compatibility for the
          deprecated 'session' key.

0.14    2009-08-22
        - Allow turning off the httponly option (Closes RT#48930).

0.13    2009-08-19
        - Remove Test::MockObject from the test suite as prone to failing on
          some platforms and perl versions due to its UNIVERSAL:: package
        - Remove Class::Accessor::Fast and replace with Moose. This allows
          us to not have a ->new method, This is more correct for Plugins
          and also means that Catalyst is not forced to invoke the scary
          replace_constructor at scope end handling.

0.12    2009-07-18
        - Introduced a new option cookie_httponly
        - Option cookie_secure extended (old syntax fully supported)

0.11    2009-05-13
        - Change TestApp so that the application is in t/lib, to make it easier
          for Catalyst to force our package to be immutable.

0.10    2009-02-08
        - POD addition.
        - Switch from NEXT to MRO::Compat

0.09    2007-10-08
        - Bump dependencies so that streaming a file also causes the cookie to
          be updated.
          - Add tests for this

0.08    2007-09-14
        - Fix live test with Mech version 0.37+
        - Switch to Module::Install

0.07    2007-04-04 23:10:00
        - Fix the bug that caused sessions to expire immediately when another
          session was deleted previously in the same request cycle

0.06    2006-09-20 19:53:00
        - Fix args in calls to NEXT::set_session_id and NEXT::extend_session_id

0.05    2006-08-06 20:50:00
        - Add configuration of 'cookie_path' (Michael W Peterson)

        - Depend on a higher version of C::P::Session

        - refactored make_session_cookie to separate calc_expiry, and made
         that easily overloadable.
        - updated for the new state API (get_session_id, set_session_id, etc)

0.02    2005-12-28 13:51:00
        - Fixed cookie_expires to support browser session cookies.
        - Renamed default cookie name from just 'session' to
          'yourapp_session' to allow several applications on the same domain
          to exist without conflict (LTJake)

0.01    2005-11-14 12:45:00
        - Initial release.