This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Catalyst-Devel.

1.42 - 2020-09-11
        - stop using Module::Install for packaging, improving metadata and
          fixing Makefile.PL on perl 5.26+.  Generating a Catalyst application
          still uses Module::Install::Catalyst for now.
        - fix generated_app.t test on Windows
        - whitespace and formatting tweaks
        - various internal test cleanups

1.41 2020-07-27 03:00:00
        - avoid SHILY tar headers
        - fix warnings in Makefile.PL
        - clean up author prereqs
        - add perl version prereq metadata

1.40 2020-02-27 17:00:00
        - Note: There may be some additional fixes not listed below.  Its been
          a while since this has been released and I noted several commits in
          git.  Did my best to list but apologies if I missed your patch.
        - Use absolute path for do $file in t/generated_app.t
        - Add . to @INC in Makefile.PL
        - Typo fixes. RT#87103
        - Catalyst::Restarter::Forking: clear watcher in child process.

1.39 2013-06-14 12:44:17
        - Write =encoding utf8 into generated Pod files so that things
          work as expected for people with utf-8 characters in their unix
          username as returned by getpwuid (RT#84613)
        - Fix unbalanced parenthesis in (RT#85661)

1.38 2013-04-11 20:54:00
        - Remove all PAR based deployment options, as they're unsupported
          and don't even pretend to work on 5.9 RT#83936

1.37 2012-05-19 11:19:00
        - Add x_authority metadata to the distribution for PAUSE.

        - Fix restarter regex to apply to files being created/changed,
          not just those being deleted.

        - Use iomode => ":raw" to stop PNG files getting corrupted
          when being slurped on windows as noted on the mailing list.

1.36 2011-10-24 17:58:00
        - New apps send an X-Catalyst header by default (this can be
          disabled by changing the config in the generated app)
        - Fix leaking temporary files in tests. RT#59166
        - Fix generated Makefile.PL to always contain unix style paths,
          even on Win32. RT#65456
        - Fix tests generated for controllers generated with --mechanize
          to work with newer versions of Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst
        - bump Module::Install dep to 1.02
        - Removed stderr hiding from 'make catalyst_par' to display errors
          from PAR::Packer

1.35 2011-09-05 13:05:00
        - Stop requiring Starman and MooseX::Daemonize on Win32 as they're
          optional components in Catalyst::Runtime and won't install
          on Windows.
        - Fix test to work on Windows.

1.34 2011-08-16 09:02:00
        - Bump required version of Catalyst to 5.9
        - Merge psgi support. will now generate a default
          myapp.psgi file with the default middlewares applied.
        - Fix scripts being generated mode 0700, rather than 0755
        - Fix duplicate 'use Test::More' statement in generated components.
        - Fix Pod for catalyst_ignore function in Module::Install::Catalyst

1.33 2011-03-24 15:10:00
        - Fix a regression introduced in 1.32 that caused Catalyst::Restarter
          to not work at all.

1.32 2011-03-22 09:17:00
        - Fix RT#65907: missing build require: Test::Exception
        - Fix RT#57019: Fix bundling of File::Copy::Recursive in inc/
          by Module::Install::Catalyst

1.31 2011-01-20 01:08:00
        - Fix for copying generated files into installed apps + tests
          to ensure it keeps working. abraxxa++
        - Make Pod tests author only

1.30 2011-01-11 23:54:00
        - Increased Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader dependency to 0.30
        - Include File::Copy::Recursive in inc/ when building a dist of an

1.29 2011-01-11 23:51:00
        - Add documentation for the --proc_title option to the generated
          fastcgi scripts
        - Don't bother with the BEGIN { use_ok dance for created tests
          - the test will fail to compile (and ergo fail) using just use,
          and that's less typing (and less copy-pasting)
        - Split method for creating tests into multiple methods to allow
          subclasses to override the generation of some tests.
        - Allow the author to be defined in the call to ->new to help things
          which want to call Catalyst::Helper programatically.
        - Remove $VERSION = eval $VERSION handwave in generated code as:
          - Gives a perl critic violation.
          - If you're shipping a dev release, best practice is you should do
            it by renaming the tarball, rather than having a _ in the VERSION.
        - Allow . to work for already created applications
          when in the application's directory.
        - Note that plugin order is important in the generated skeleton.
        - Don't pollute M::I plugin detector with GetOptions symbol from
        - Fix typo in share/script/ (RT #58475)

1.28 2010-06-16 02:43:00
        - Fix generated Pod tests so that the first check is if the TEST_POD
          environment variable is set. (RT#58433)
        - Fix link in the Pod for Catalyst::Restarter (RT#57362)
        - Fix the pod-coverage version required by the generated app tests.
        - Fix the restarter to only act upon file events (and ergo ignore
          the creation of empty directories).

1.27  2010-02-23 10:44:20
        - Add the catalyst_par_options option.
        - Change the version of Catalyst required to 5.80015 as retarded
          packaging systems consider 5.8001402 greater than 5.80015.

1.26  2010-01-12 03:55:50
        - Depend on Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple 0.28 to avoid failures
          caused by a bug in 0.27.

1.25  2010-01-02 16:13:06
        - Update repository metadata after moving from svn to git.

1.24  2009-12-07 23:23:36
        - File name for .yml file generated is now correct.
        - Fixes for consistent spacing in generated application template.
        - Stop requiring generated test files to have a true return value.
        - Win32 compatibility fixes:
          1) hardcoded 'make' replaced by: $Config{make}||'make'
          2) testing executable flags skipped on Win32
        - Fix pod to match option names on Catalyst::Script::Server

1.23  2009-12-06 12:22:12
        - Fix generated app test to be multi-platform and fix issue with case
          for generated files. (Dave Rolsky)
        - Fix Test::More version dependency so that subtest works correctly.
        - Add a $VERSION to Catalyst::Helper as PAUSE used to pull $VERSION
          (i.e. 0.01) out of the app template section and use that, so we now
          can't not have a version number here or it makes pause unhappy.

1.22  2009-12-05 07:23:00
        - Use MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast so that options
          supplied to ->new are put into the hash even if attributes
          do not exist for them. This fixes -force recreating application

1.21_01  2009-12-01 03:34:23
        - Update generated scripts to use the new Catalyst::Script:: classes
          available from Catalyst 5.80014_02.
          Note: Any applications whos scripts are upgraded will need to depend
          on at least this version of Catalyst.
        - Change application templates from being inlined in Catalyst::Helper
          to being in a share dir making the templates much easier to maintain
          and patch.
        - Generate new applications with Moose and Moose style components.
        - Remove dependency on as this has been removed from the generated
          application template.
        - Turn off deprecated regex component lookup in the config of new
        - Test application generation and helper classes properly.
        - Change tests in generated application and components to use the new
          done_testing feature rather than having test plans.
        - Update required versions of dependencies to ensure the installed versions
          won't cause deprecation warnings with the latest Catalyst.
        - Exclude root/, t/ and hidden dirs from file change monitoring when
          using File::ChangeNotify 0.08+. (dew)
        - Updated POD of Module/Install/ (Karsten Heymann)
        - Added debian package building temp files to the list
          of ignored files/directories and fix ignore for subversion
          checkouts. (Karsten Heymann)

1.21   2009-10-18 18:33:33
        - The Restarter code caused stack traces for certain types of errors
          to grow longer and longer with every restart. (Dave Rolsky)

        - Fixed an issue with the Restarter in Win32 where @INC didn't get
          passed along when restarting.

1.20    2009-08-11 23:30:30
        - Bump required File::ChangeNotify version to 0.07. Closes RT#48610.

1.19    2009-06-29 00:36:50
        - Update Module::Install to a version that doesn't screw up
          auto_install anymore (Closes: RT#45784).
        - Generate Makefile.PLs with unix-paths, even on windows (Closes:

1.18    2009-06-10 17:43:12
        - The forking restarter was not waiting for the child to exit,
          which could lead to a race condition. If the old child did
          not exit before the new child tried to bind to its socket,
          it would find the old child blocking the port it wanted.
        - More fixes for the Win32 restarter. It was effectively
          ignoring all command-line options except those related to
          the restarter itself.

1.17    2009-05-24 18:18:17
        - Catalyst::Restarter::Forking loaded the threads and
          Thread::Cancel modules, even though it doesn't need them.

1.16    2009-05-23 17:29:29
        - Catalyst prereq changed to 5.80. Thanks, kold! (jhannah)
        - Fixed the restarter to actually work on Win32. The fix means
          that the restarter is as slow as ever on Win32, but it
          works. Thanks to Rodrigo for the bug report and suggestion
          on how to fix it. (Dave Rolsky)
        - Actually fix -p option for port number, as I failed to do it
          right last time as I'm an idiot (t0m)

1.15    2009-05-13 20:02
        - Remove -p option for pid file, and restore it to the port number,
          as it should be -port|-p (t0m)
        - Document -pidfile in POD (t0m)

1.14_02 2009-05-11 04:29
        - Small changes to work with File::ChangeNotify 0.03. (Dave

1.14_01 2009-05-11 03:45
        - This release moves the restarter functionality into a new
          module Catalyst::Restarter, that is not a Catalyst Engine

          The new restarter is simpler and more reliable, because it
          does not try to test if a changed piece of code can be
          compiled. It simply restarts the server whenever it detects
          changes. This also makes it much faster.

          However, this does mean that the server can simply die when
          a changed file cannot compile. This is different than the
          old behavior, where the server remained running without
          incorporating the change.

          Finally, the new restarter relies on File::ChangeNotify,
          which is designed to accomodate per-OS methods of detecting
          changed files. As of this writing, it currently ships with a
          file watcher that uses inotify on Linux systems, and a
          default fallback class that does everything in pure Perl.
          (Dave Rolsky)

1.13    2009-05-11 02:50
        - add [-pidfile|-p] option for (caelum)
        - Bump dependency on Config::General (caelum)
        - On perls with c3 method dispatch, make sure Class::C3 is recent
          enough to not produce warnings if it is already installed (caelum)
        - add resources to META.yml (caelum)

1.12    2009-04-26 15:42
        - Remove the deprecated BindLex from the help message (rafl)

1.11    2009-04-22 19:02
        - Add check for "Unknown error" bug (caelum)
        - Change generated scripts to use /usr/bin/env perl if /usr/bin/env
          exists, otherwise fall back to the current perl binary. (t0m)
        - Fix getopt spec in generated scripts to match docs (rjbs)
        - Additional documentation (ash)
        - Informational message after an application is created (kd)
        - Add a -background option to the dev server (duncs)

1.10    2009-02-05 15:04
        - fix a bug in created helper scripts that prevened them working (rjbs)

1.09    2009-02-04 23:57
        - Add Sebastian's PROJECT FOUNDER note to as requested
        - Fix warning when devel is not installed.

1.08    2008-07-13 18:00
        - Revert to use Catalyst qw/@plugins/
        - Require Config::General instead of YAML

1.07    2008-05-28
        - helpers now create default :Path and index :Path :Args(0)
        - Moved to generate .conf rather than YAML
        - Made a warning in the generated Makefile.PL not to delete it.
        -  Incorrect generated pod.

1.06    2008-04-09 08:19:00
        - load plugins in setup, not plugins. (

1.05    2008-04-07 11:55:00
        - Add missing parent dependency to created projects.

1.04    2008-04-06 16:04:00
        - Update default actions in
        - Patch so Module::Pluggable::Object ignores emacs temp
          files appropriately for restarting server
        - Patched so the correct options for mulitple restart
          directories and symlink resolution will be set in
          (Sebastian Willert)
        - Change from use Catalyst to use parent and load plugins  in setup call
        - Remove Catalyst::Manual dependency.

1.03    2007-08-10 08:10:00
        - Changed default dependency to Catalyst::Runtime
        - Added BindLex example to create script
        - Don't change a manually-specified engine when using the
          -r switch with

1.02    2006-11-15  16:45:00
        - Added dep to Catalyst::Manual
        - added option to send errors to STDOUT in fastcgi script

1.01    2006-09-17 23:49:00
        - Upped M::I dependency
        - fix for warnings

1.00    2006-07-06 19:23:00
        - Initial release