0.05    2021-10-01T08:38:30+0900
   - Add "p5find" master command
   - Add "p5find-help" command

0.04    2019-09-14T19:29:06+0900
   - Add "p5find-method-call" to replace "p5find-variable-methods"
   - More documentation.

0.03    2019-09-13T09:57:01+0900
    More documentation, define a consistent default behaviour of
    recalling everything (that is being looked for), and
    output in the format of: "${file}:${line_number}:${line}"

0.02    2019-07-24T07:49:06+0900
    Let all programs accept "-h" switch for showing usage.

0.01    2019-07-24T07:30:22+0900

    Initial release. :hooray:, with the following programs

    - p5find-regex
    - p5find-str
    - p5find-sub
    - p5find-token-word
    - p5find-unused-package
    - p5find-variable-methods
    - p5find-words-used-only-once