Test2::Plugin::TodoFailOnSuccess - Report failure if a TODO test
    unexpectedly passes


    version 0.0.2


      package My::Tests;
      use Test2::V0;
      use Test2::Plugin::TodoFailOnSuccess;  # report unexpected TODO success
      use Test2::Tools::Basic;    # for "todo" sub
      use Test2::Todo;            # for "todo" object
      sub test_something
          # Lexical scope TODO:
              my $todo = todo 'Not expected to pass';
              is $value, $expected_value, "Got expected value";
          # Coderef TODO:
          todo 'Not expected to pass either' => sub {
              is $value, $expected_value, "Got expected value";
          # Object-oriented TODO:
          my $todo = Test2::Todo->new( reason => 'Still not expected to pass' );
          is $value, $expected_value, "Got expected value";


    Wrapping a test with TODO is a conventient way to avoid being tripped
    up by test failures until you have a chance to get the code working. It
    normally won't hurt to leave the TODO in place after the tests start
    passing, but if you forget to remove the TODO at that point, a
    subsequent code change could start causing new test failures which
    would then go unreported and possibly unnoticed.

    This module provides a mechanism to trigger explicit test failures when
    TODO tests unexpectedly pass, so that you have an opportunity to remove
    the TODO.

    If a TODO test passes, a failure will be reported with a message
    containing the test description, equivalent to doing:

      fail "TODO passed unexpectedly: $test_description";

    which might appear in your TAP output along with the TODO reason as
    something like:

      not ok 3 - TODO passed unexpectedly: Got expected value # TODO Not expected to pass

    Note that due to the additional fail being reported, you may see
    messages about your planned number of tests being exceeded, for

      # Did not follow plan: expected 5, ran 6.

    There are no options or arguments, just use
    Test2::Plugin::TodoFailOnSuccess in your test file.


    Grant Street Group <>


    This software is Copyright (c) 2019 by Grant Street Group.

    This is free software, licensed under:

      The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)


      * Larry Leszczynski <>

      * Mark Flickinger <>