Changelog for Plack-Middleware-HealthCheck

v0.0.5 2020-09-14T17:57:29
 - Update README (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Fix content_type header spelling (Andrew Hewus Fresh)

v0.0.4 2020-07-09T14:42:28
 - Update README (Maria Cioffi)
 - Tidy new code (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Fixing runtime logic to work with empty arg (Maria Cioffi)
 - Changing runtime to pass back a scalar (Maria Cioffi)
 - Document the runtime param more specifically (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Add tests for allowed_params (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Add tests for runtime param processing (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Remove debugging print (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Adding mechanism to specify runtime in url params (maria cioffi)

v0.0.3 2020-02-21T18:26:15
 - Fix link to HealthCheck Standard (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Add link to Plack::Middleware::Conditional (Andrew Fresh)
 - Add enable_if / Conditional example in SYNOPSIS (Brendan Byrd)
 - Remove mention of GSG specific check (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Convert to external PluginBundle (Andrew Hewus Fresh)

v0.0.2 2019-11-18T19:17:01
 - Add cover_db/ to the .gitignore (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Add missing tests to get 100% coverage. (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Don't require "printflush" method on psgi.errors (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Initial implementation (Andrew Hewus Fresh)

v0.0.1 2019-09-09T21:50:20
 - Create distribution files (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Initial Commit (Andrew Hewus Fresh)