Changelog for DBIx-OnlineDDL

v1.0.0 2022-08-01T21:56:39
 - Pull request #6: SRE-5588 (Brendan Byrd)
 - Update README / LICENSE / Makefile (Brendan Byrd)
 - Add a warning about missing a before_triggers hook (Brendan Byrd)

v0.940.0 2021-10-08T16:26:51
 - Update README (Brendan Byrd)
 - Pull request #5: SM-3087 (Brendan Byrd)
 - Improve speed of trigger name lookups for MySQL (Brendan Byrd)
 - Allow existing triggers on a table for MySQL 5.7+ (Brendan Byrd)
 - Standardize DBMS version extraction to its own helper method (Brendan
 - Pull request #4: SM-3039 (Brendan Byrd)
 - Detect default FK indexes and rename them (in MySQL 5.7) if they ever
   change names (Brendan Byrd)

v0.930.1 2021-01-27T20:24:06
 - Update README (Brendan Byrd)
 - Use an optimized SQL statement for MySQL's foreign_key_info (Brendan

v0.930.0 2020-11-13T23:02:38
 - No changes found

v0.920.1 2020-05-08T19:14:18
 - Clean up cpanfile (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Clean up POD for new PodWeaver settings (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Move xt tests where they belong (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Convert to Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::GSG (Andrew Hewus Fresh)

v0.920.0 2019-08-08T15:14:41
 - No changes found

0.92 2019-08-08T15:14:41
 - Fix year in CHANGES (Brendan Byrd)
 - Version changes to 0.92 (Brendan Byrd)
 - Fix copyright years (Brendan Byrd)
 - Update version date in CHANGES (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1858 Fix typos in pod. (Tom Christiansen)
 - SM-1858: Use MooX::StrictConstructor to prevent attribute misspellings
   (Brendan Byrd)

0.91 2019-01-29T20:08:03
 - POD version fixes to 0.91 (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1647a: Quiet the "multi-column primary key" warning for all_tables.t
   (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1647a: Fix FK renaming inconsistency in SQLite >= 3.26.0 (Brendan
 - SM-1647a: Bump List::Utils version to 1.44 (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1647 Add clarifying comments (Nathaniel Blake)
 - SM-1647: Prep for new version 0.91 (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1647: Bulletproof the statistics_info call (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1647: More bulletproofing against DB errors (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1647: Add 'WSREP has not yet prepared node' as a retryable error
   (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1647: Add more sleep time to retries in the retry handler (Brendan
 - SM-1647: Add default target_time and sleep for copy_opts (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1647: Remove .perl-version (Brendan Byrd)

0.90 2018-09-27T15:37:59
 - CHANGES date adjustment (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Makefile.PL cleanup (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Use dbh_runner_do in basic example script (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Apply on_connect_call changes to the right attributes (Brendan
 - SM-1394: Create Test::OnlineDDL module (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Account for self-referenced FKs by ignoring them in child FK
   renaming operations (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Fix MySQL FK renames to actually look for more than one FK on a
   table (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Add tests for other tables (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Add cd.prev_cdid column in CDTest as a self-reference FK
   (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: README and xt changes (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Migrate RDBMS-specific code to their own Helper modules
   (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Convert package globals to db_timeouts attribute (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394: Privatize $DEFAULT_MAX_ATTEMPTS (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1394 Abstract magic numbers, standardize conventions, doc updates
   (Paul "ptom" Tomlinson)
 - Prep for CPAN release (Brendan Byrd)
 - Rename undo_stack attribute to reversible (Brendan Byrd)
 - Add dbh_runner_do (Brendan Byrd)
 - Remove prework step and migrate post-connection details into
   storage/connector (Brendan Byrd)
 - Fix unit tests to work with retry protection changes (Brendan Byrd)
 - Add retry protection to DBIx::OnlineDDL (Brendan Byrd)
 - Skeleton framework (Brendan Byrd)
 - Add examples/ (Brendan Byrd)
 - Initial version of DBIx::OnlineDDL (Brendan Byrd)

v0.93.0 2020-11-13T23:02:38
 - Update README (Brendan Byrd)
 - Fix quoting issues with MySQL ansi_quotes mode (Brendan Byrd)