Revision history for Perl-LanguageServer

2.3.0   26.09.2021

        - Arguments section in Variable lists now @ARGV and @_ during debugging (#105)
        - @_ is now correctly evaluated inside of debugger console
        - $#foo is now correctly evaluated inside of debugger console
        - Default debug configuration is now automatically provided without
          the need to create a launch.json first (#103)
        - Add Option cacheDir to specify location of cache dir (#113)

        - Fix: Debugger outputted invalid thread reference causes "no such coroutine" message, 
          so watchs and code from the debug console is not expanded properly
        - Fix: LanguageServer hangs when multiple request send at once from VSCode to LanguageServer
        - Fix: cwd parameter for debugger in launch.json had no effect (#99)
        - Fix: Correctly handle paths with drive letters on windows
        - Fix: sshArgs parameter was not declared as array (#109)
        - Disable syntax check on windows, because it blocks the whole process when running on windows, 
          until handling of childs processes is fixed

        - Fixed spelling (#86,#96,#101) [chrstphrchvz,davorg,aluaces]

2.2.0   21.02.2021
        - Parser now supports Moose method modifieres before, after and around, 
          so they can be used in symbol view and within reference search
        - Support Format Document and Format Selection via perltidy
        - Add logFile config option
        - Add perlArgs config option to pass options to Perl interpreter. Add some documentation for config options.
        - Add disableCache config option to make LanguageServer usable with readonly directories.
        - updated dependencies package.json & package-lock.json

        - Fix deep recursion in SymbolView/Parser which was caused by function prototypes.
          Solves also #65
        - Fix duplicate req id's that caused cleanup of still
          running threads which in turn caused the LanguageServer to hang
        - Prevent dereferencing an undefined value (#63) [Heiko Jansen]
        - Fix datatype of cwd config options (#47)
        - Use perlInc setting also for LanguageServer itself (based only pull request #54 from ALANVF)
        - Catch Exceptions during display of variables inside debugger
        - Fix detecting duplicate LanguageServer processes

        - Fix spelling in documentation (#56) [Christopher Chavez]
        - Remove notice about Compiler::Lexer 0.22 bugs (#55) [Christopher Chavez]
        - README: Typo and grammar fixes. Add Carton lib path instructions. (#40) [szTheory]
        - README: Markdown code block formatting (#42) [szTheory]
        - Makefile.PL: add META_MERGE with GitHub info (#32) [Christopher Chavez]
        - retired, replace with (#31) [Christopher Chavez]

2.1.0   27.06.2020
        - Improve Symbol Parser (fix parsing of anonymous subs)
        - showLocalSymbols
        - function names in breadcrump
        - Signature Help for function/method arguments
        - Add Presentation on Perl Workshop 2020 to repos
        - Remove Compiler::Lexer from distribution since 
          version is available on CPAN
        - Make stdout unbuffered while debugging
        - Make debugger use perlInc setting
        - Fix fileFilter setting
        - Sort Arrays numerically in variables view of debugger
        - Use rootUri if workspaceFolders not given
        - Fix env config setting
        - Recongnice changes in config of perlCmd

2.0.2   22.01.2020
        - Fix handling of multiple parallel request
        - Improve symlink handling
        - Add support for UNC paths in path mapping
        - Improve logging for logLevel = 1

2.0.1   14.01.2020
        - Added support for reloading Perl module while debugging
        - Make log level configurable
        - Make sure debugging tooltips don't call functions
        - Reparse cached symbols in case cache is broken

2.0     01.01.2020
        - Added Perl debugger

0.9     03.05.2019
        - Fix issue with selecting text for find definition
          or find reference, when the symbol is selected
        - Fix issue for Perl module that print to stdout
          during syntax check
        - Include Compiler::Lexer from github to ease
0.03    08.09.2018
        - Fix issue with not reading enough from stdin, which
          caused LanguageServer to hang sometimes
0.02    21.07.2018
        - Only check syntax if there are no changes for 1.5 sec
        - Improve symbol parser
        - Fix concurrency issues
        - Other small improvements
        - Add support for adding workspace folders

0.01    13.07.2018
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.