* 0.28

- More information output in case mapping between C and Perl
- init_callbacks can take the object as a second argument
- Documenatations updates  

* 0.27

- add support for char arrays 
- better handle win32 api

* 0.26

- Include a default POD Template object

* 0.25

- Make XSBuilder.pm compatible with CPAN.pm

- Added minimal load test 

* 0.03

- Generation of pod files. (Based on a patch from Lyle Brooks)

- Fix undef value which occurs when running under Perl 5.8.0. Patch
  from Angus Lees.

* 0.02

- structs that are contained in another struct are now handled correctly. 
  When reading the struct memeber a new object is returned, which can be used
  to access the members of the contained struct. The contained struct cannot
  be set directly.

- In class name in xxx_types.map can end with :: to use single level classnames
  (e.g. request_rec * | Apache::  for mod_perl 1.x)

- Argspec of xxx_functions.map can specify argument as return only by prefixing
  it with < e.g. 
    dav_open_lockdb | | r, ro, <lockdb
  will be called as ($error get the return value of the C function)
    ($error, $lockdb) = $r -> open_lockdb (0) ;
  The return argument (e.g. lockdb) will always be passed by address 
  to the function.
- xs/xxxx_sv_convert.h now also contains macros to convert C data types to Perl
  for non object types e.g. IV    

- better handling for structs that for which a typedef doesn't exist.

- method checkmaps & writemaps creates new_*.map with all 
  functions/structures/types/callbacks that are not already in a map file.

- ParseSource now scans for callbacks and generates a CallbackTable.pm
  with similar format as FunctionTable.pm

- WrapXS generates callbacks for struct members as method calls when the
  struct doesn't contains any field where to store some userdata. An optimized
  version which passes the perl object in some user data field need still to be done.

- Extra include files now given in xs/maps/foo_types instead of hardcoded
  in TypeMap.pm

- prefixes for conversion macros and other generated functions are now
  set via an overrideable method

- support for passing structure by value as function argument / return type

- macros in xxx_sv_convert.h now correctly convert NULL to undef and viceversa

- Structure members can have a different name in Perl and C. Controlled via
  the map file.

- %convert_alias  has been moved into types.map

- typemap ids (e.g. T_APACHEOBJ) has been moved into types.map

- it possible to configure the way how memory for strings is allocated
  via map files, by giveing a malloctype in type map file and allocation
  code in structure map file.

- a dispatch argspec can now given in the map file, this allows to pass
  $r to the xs function and r -> pool to the C function by writing:

  ap_make_array | ap_make_array(r->pool, nelts, elt_size) | request_rec *:r, nelts, elt_size

- handle conversion from package name to directory correctly when more then two
  levels of namespaces e.g. Apache::DAV::Resource -> Apache/DAV/Resource/Resource_pm