Embperl::Syntax::SSI - define SSI syntax for Embperl


 [$ syntax SSI $]
 DATE_GMT:       <!-- #echo  var='DATE_GMT' -->
 DATE_LOCAL:    <!-- #echo  var='DATE_LOCAL' --> 
 DOCUMENT_NAME: <!-- #echo  var='DOCUMENT_NAME' -->
 DOCUMENT_URI:  <!-- #echo  var='DOCUMENT_URI' -->
 LAST_MODIFIED: <!-- #echo  var='LAST_MODIFIED' -->


The module make Embperl understand the following SSI tags. See Apaches mod_include (or Apache::SSI) for a description, what they do.

  • config

  • echo

  • exec

  • fsize

  • flastmod

  • include

  • printenv

  • set

  • if

  • elif

  • else

  • endif

  • syntax

    The syntax SSI is non standard and is used to change the syntax once you are in SSI syntax. It looks like

      <!--#syntax type="Embperl" -->


Gerald Richter <richter at embperl dot org>

Some ideas and parts of the code are taken from Apache::SSI by Ken Williams.

See Also

Embperl::Syntax, Embperl::Syntax::HTML