<title>Embperl Examples - If Metacommands</title>
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<h1>Embperl Examples - If Metacommands</h1>
<hr><h3>The following displays an sentence depending on the method (GET, POST, other)</h3>

[$ if $ENV{REQUEST_METHOD} eq 'GET' $]
	This is a GET request
[$ elsif $ENV{REQUEST_METHOD} eq 'POST' $]
	This is a POST request
[$ else $]
	This is not GET and not POST
[$ endif $]

<hr><h3>The following displays an different sentence depending on the show parameter</h3>

[$ if $fdat{show} eq 'yes' $]
    The show parameter is 'yes'
[$ elsif $fdat{show} eq 'no' $]
    Nothing to show
[$ else $]
    Request with if.htm?show=yes<BR>
    of with if.htm?show=no<BR>
[$ endif $]


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