<title>Embperl Examples - DBI access using Dynamic Tables</title>
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<h1>Embperl Examples - DBI access using Dynamic Tables</h1>
You must set the database and table to something which exists on your system<br>
Maybe it's necessary to insert a PerlModule DBI into your srm.conf to get this working<br>



$DSN   = 'dbi:mysql:test' ;
$table = 'dbixrs1' ;

use DBI ;

# connect to database
 $dbh = DBI->connect($DSN) or die "Cannot connect to '$DSN'" ;

# prepare the sql select
 $sth = $dbh -> prepare ("SELECT * from $table")  or die "Cannot SELECT from '$table'" ;

# excute the query
 $sth -> execute  or die "Cannot execute SELECT from '$table'";

# get the fieldnames for the heading in $head
 $head = $sth -> {NAME} ;

# get the result in $dat
 $dat = $sth -> fetchall_arrayref ;


<table border=1>
	<tr><th>[+ $head->[$col] +]</th></tr>
	<tr><td>[+ $dat -> [$row][$col] +]</td></tr>


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