Changes for version 0.24

  • Added Code to DBIx::Database to Create/Modify/Drop tables See CreateTables/DropTables
  • *fieldname can take an array ref, to specify different operators for multiple values which should compared to the same field. This is handy for selecting a range.
  • Filters are correctly apply if a arrayref with multiple value are passed to a SELECT.
  • Reset error code and string in DBIx::Database -> new
  • If an array of values id passed in for one field and the operator is '=' now the IN sql operator is used, instead of a set of '='.
  • Set Postgres type 1005 to not numeric. Spotted by Michael Maruka.
  • Ignore errors in ListFields when retrieving metadata for a table.
  • Statement handle is closed as soon as possible, to avoid out of cursors situations.
  • new parameter $expr allow to group multiple sub expressions in a sql where, therefore allowing more complex conditions.
  • Added new parameter !MergeFunc which allow to specify a function that is called, when multiple records with the same key are found in a DBIx::Recordset::Hash object.
  • Added some code to handle table- and fieldnames which include spaces and special charaters. This is still experimental.
  • Fixed problem with !TableFilter setup
  • Set correct brackets when creating an left outer join. This is necessary for some database to join more the two tables.



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Perl extension for DBI recordsets
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